Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Moving...The Collection Killer


                Moving…has taken a part of me…again. I started this blog as a passion project years back in 2012. I was living in the Netherlands and was just enjoying being a collector in my spare time. It was quite the task to pack this stuff up to move back to the US.
                Now, I’ve moved again. Still in the US, but across states. It took me over a week to pack my collection…just the collection. The task of putting them all back into their packaging, especially the Saint Seiya figures. This things…those damn things.
                Much has changed since I started in 2012. Mainly, I have a wife and child now(woot woot). So, for the new place we moved to, I sacrificed the 2nd room for the baby. That was not an easy decision to make, let that be known, but necessary all the same.
                So, what does that mean? Did the Hobbyist get rid of the collection? Absolutely not. The bulk of it is in storage, which leaves me with…::drum roll::…5 figures. Just. F*ckin’. 5. I know, first world problems, amirite? But as a collector, it sort of hurts to be kept away from all that hard work(collecting, building, posing, cleaning, etc.) be kept away from you.
So, without all the lip service…my “collection,” if that is what you want to call it, now looks like this:
The guy on the right was impulse. He just looked well done.

When it used to look like this:


                I guess I’ll just wait until I buy  something a little more permanent. You guys know what I’m talking about. Starts with an “H”, rhymes with “ouse”. Yeah, you know the deal.
                Who knows when I can do another review. I don’t have the setup like last time, nor the abundance to choose from. We’ll see. There’s just so much to do, and such little time to do it all. I’m a busier man than I thought, it seems. Until next time…

Happy Hobbying, everyone!