Monday, March 19, 2012

Review 2: S.H. Figuarts Super Saiyan Vegeta

As promised, the review for S.H. Figuarts SSJ Vegeta. Now, I’m not going to go into a very detailed description for the character. I shouldn’t need to. He’s freaking Vegeta…’nuff said. All I’m going to tell you is that he is the prideful prince of the warrior race known as Saiyans, and has an eternal rivalry to Goku, one of the few (and I mean FEW) Saiyans stronger than him. The only real character flaw I have with Vegeta is the stamina. He makes a note in the movies to enter the fray just about as quickly as he leaves, what with getting knocked out of his SSJ form so many times.

Vegeta has always been my favorite main character, next to Piccolo of course. I’m a big fan of using the “pride” factor of human emotion as a driving force.  Being the price of an entire race is just about everything to Vegeta. He can pretty much chalk up all his victories as a damn near birthright, since he is elite amongst filth. That being said, when he loses (which is frequent enough) he isn’t the best at dealing with it…ESPECIALLY when he lost to Goku. Thing is, Vegeta isn’t dumb at all, and noticed that he as lost to Goku many times. Not only in combat, but mostly in the display of combat, having lost to many foes that Goku subsequently takes out.  I won’t go much further into Vegeta. If you really want to know all there is to know about him, try this out:
Now, onto the figure. The packaging reveals the figure in entirety. The back side shows the figure in several poses with various special pieces, and includes a small description of the character. This is a basic for S.H. Figuarts. 

Back of the Box
The first thing I will touch on is the articulation. Over 20 points! By now, this is standard of Bandai works, so it shouldn’t be a big deal. In fact, I knew it was an S.H. Figuarts line product, so I knew what I was in for. What I wanted to see is how they would incorporate the shoulder and thigh joints. Unlike Goku, Gohan, and Piccolo, Vegeta’s legs and waist are smooth instead the baggy karate uniform, making it harder to “blend” the legs into the waist even when they are bent. Also, the knees share the same double joint that the elbows have…something normally seen on the like of Myth Cloths and Play Arts/Play Arts Kai. Goku, Gohan, and Piccolo have different mechanisms for their knees to better accommodate their karate uniforms. Vegeta’s shoulders are also different from his predecessors. Vegeta is the 4th in this particular line, and the first not to wear a Karate uniform. The shoulder joint begins immediately following the strap for his Saiyan armor vest. I personally, was hoping that they give a little more space after the strap before starting the shoulder, but I dare not speak against the genius developing modelers at Bandai. Anyway, the shoulder has a special mechanism to allow for maximum amount of movement without sacrificing the “simple style” that makes S.H. Figuarts just what it is. Anymore tweaking of the shoulder joint for dynamics, and it would have to start altering the torso itself, and rival the modeling formula against the likes of Revoltech and such. I would rather not see that happen. 

Regular, Smirk, and Angry face

Shoulder Joint
Add caption
From hair to nothing. No neck = Full articulation
Layered leg joints
Another note I would like to make is the head and neck connection. There isn’t much of a back of a neck for Vegeta, and rightfully so. Unless the pose you’re looking for is from behind, the back of the neck is often times omitted in order to pose the figure with its head held high. Revoltech, figma, and Armor Plus all follow this formula, so expect that on any of your purchases, if you haven’t notice already.
Special parts: I will say, I’m quite disappointed in this part. Vegeta came with a set of “blast” hands, a set of “Big Bang Attack” hands, an angry face (even has the iconic bulging vein) looking to the left, and a smirk face looking to the right. Looking at the opened package, you can see some space for more special parts, but you only get a total of 6…shame. Gohan came with two different SSJ hair levels, and even a cape! Piccolo came with a cape, and turban, blast hands, Special Beam Cannon hand, and even crossed arms! Goku didn’t come with much, but he was the first one, and I can expect as much, but this figure does not allow you to display memorable scenes…not even Final Flash! Vegeta doesn’t have the bent, yet tensed fingers hands. They are the same ones given to Goku and Gohan! Wtf, bro!? Anyway, there isn’t an angry face toward the front either…another reason why a faithful Final Flash can’t be portrayed. But that face could make MANY poses for Vegeta, knowing his quick to anger character. 
Saiyan Prince

Elite Class Warrior

Details on the muscles is a must. It's what the series is all about.

Can't be Vegeta without this pose

Get lost!

"Accept my challenge, Kakarot!"


This is why you need a centered screaming face
Knowing Bandai, there will be a “SDCC”, or “Majin Saga” type of exclusive in which Veget has the Majin head, Final Flash hands, and colored differently. This will sell for more or the same the price as the original Vegeta. I usually don’t get the repainted exclusives, but if it has the right special parts, I’m in. I mean, I DO have SSJ3 Goku on pre-order even though I have Goku already, right?
In conclusion,I give this figure about a 7 out of 10. Its real value lies in the fighting Goku scenes you can make with it. Bandai made sure to make us wait until 2012…several years after Goku was released to deliver this. Teasing us with Gohan and Piccolo in between has only added to the pain of waiting. But now that Trunks and SSJ3 Goku are coming out, I feel that Bandai will soon end this line. DBZ is WAY too big a franchise to mold every character of importance. Hell, not even HALF of the characters can be molded. As of now, S.H. Figuarts is still primarily a Kamen Rider line. It only happened to dabble in DBZ, One Piece, and even Star Driver. Since the One Piece line sees no signs of adding more characters to it (a Zoro would have been nice), I feel the same will eventually come of DBZ. But if you’re thinking of getting this figure, I would only say do it if you have a place in your heart for Vegeta, like I do. I grew up with DBZ, and as such, didn’t really have a choice but to pay my respects to the figures.  But I tell you this, if a Brolly ever comes out… I WILL do some unsavory things to ensure one or a few of those things land in my possession. 
Not quite Final Flash, but it's the best that can be done

Get ready, Cell





From the air this time

And this is what the audience sees when the dust settles

No pecs...

No sex!

There's actually 100x gravity going on here

Taking to the air


You're starting to piss me off...



to DIE!!!
I’ll end this with a scene or 2 in which Vegeta is most known for. Maybe give you some inspiration to get your hands on this thing if some are still around for purchase.

His final place in the collection, next to the rest of the DBZ family line
Happy Hobbying, everyone!


  1. Good figure, makes just about every well-known Vegeta pose we all know and love. Do you plan on doing comparisons between figure companies, or cross series comparisions? (ie giving your opinion on which series tend to have the better firgures/models) For instance i know the gundam series is renown for their models.

  2. Glad you asked, Brock. Comparisons would be nice. Piccolo is certainly the best of the line so far, and I will not do Gundam reviews. There are millions of bloggers do more with them than me. But I will be sure to review Trunks and and SSJ3 Goku as soon as they come in!