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Review 3: Revoltech Yamaguchi - Evangelion Next Gen Testbed-04

Ok, so I know that I said the next review would be on BRS 2035. Well, the reason why I’m not is because I will review what comes in the mail first before I review what I have on hand. The new arrivals get precedence over on hand figures. So, unless something else comes in the mail, BRS 2035 will be next. Onto Unit 04…

Evangelion Unit 04. There isn’t much to say about it. Its pilot isn’t well known. For the most part, it doesn’t have one. Reason being, it was destroyed/lost before being finished and released for action. The details behind its disappearance are sketchy at best, and you can look it up really, if you want to. Start here, if you please:
First, the packaging. It follows the basic EVA EVO series style, with a front cover shut with Velcro. Open it up to see the figure and all it comes with, albeit the stand, that is always taped to the back. Removing the figure from the plastic, the trademark plastic sheets in between the torso joints and neck joint have to be removed. They do this to preserve the integrity of the paint during shipment.
Front: Cover closed

Open Cover

Back Cover

Open  Sesame
Full Set
I collected this because I love the line, and Evangelion has a special place in my heart, ever since a good friend of mine introduced me to the series back in ‘96. In fact, I believe this series contributed to purple ending being my favorite color. Well, either that, or the Gargoyles cartoon.
Fascinating neck joint

Love the purple they threw in for the feet. Firs of the line to have 3 colored paints in this fashion.

More of the purple additions

The unique leg joints with the black "cover" piece.
So, a I finally take a look at the figure at base factory setting, I notice all the same articulation parts from the rest of the EVA EVO Revoltech line with holes in the back for the stand and umbilical plug. Basic colors for Eva Unit 04 are silver, black, grey, and white with red trim. This figure stays true to it, with a few added specials. Purple is my favorite color, so it’s nice to see the purple shading on the bottom of the feet, and the neck areas. Also, the feet are two different colors (not including the ankle guards). I’m also pleased to see that they made sure to add the three colors on the shoulders along with pink eyes.
Any more questions for poseablility?
It's alive!

Factory settings

These hands are universal for the line.
Now, the nice thing about Kaiyodo’s work is that just about every piece is painted, and well, at that! The head, shoulders, chest, knees, and collarbones are all trimmed with red areas. I assume the figure is too small to add the text on the forearms like the usual Evangelion Units have. Unit OO had “Prototype”, 01 had “Test Type”, etc. Another thing about EVA EVO line is the neck piece and leg joints. I find them pretty interesting.

KA-ME...kidding. Man

They sent me...with a knife.

Knife just happens to be possessed, huh?

Eat your heart out, Tien!

This is what Final Flash looks like, Vegeta.
As for dynamic posing, there are endless possibilities, as expected from Revoltech. Since this is my first Revoltech review, I think it’s important to let everyone know that dynamics is all what the line is about. In fact, you can easily put the knees to its head and create virtually any kind of acrobatic function you want.
The detail on this thing is nothing short of stunning. If you know anything about Evangelion and its mech, than you know this was portrayed quite well, despite being the Evangelion with the least amount of exposure.
As for special parts, you get some goodies. 6 different sets of hands, a sub machine gun, a prog (progressive)-knife, umbilical cable, and bum, bum, bum…a Lance of Longinus! Eva fans know what the Lance of Longinus is: a powerful weapon that can penetrate any AT (Absolute Terror) field. If I have to explain an AT field, you’re better off looking it up yourself. Anyway, the hands are: closed fists, fingers together open hands, gripped hands with flared thumbs, holding hands with trigger, open hands with clenched fingers, open with tensed fingers, and of course the factory setting open “epic” hands with holes in the palms. The factory hands are able to hold Unit 06’s spear I assume, what with sharing the same hand. Actually, all Evangelions of this line share these hands I want to say, maybe save for Provisional Unit 05 and Unit 02. Now, it doesn’t come with a special gimmick like its predecessors. No extra Angels, no rockets, interchangeable arm or leg pieces, lights, anything. I’m fine with that, actually. I don’t know anything special about the thing, and the only media I can find on it had nothing but a shield, really. That shield came with the original release of the Revoltech Unit 04 years ago, and of course, the Lance of Longinus. As previously stated, the stand comes standard, as well as the small orange box that houses Revoltech pieces.In fact the only thing missing, is the effect piece for the foot. It's not a big deal, though.
I never liked the NERV guns.

The hole Lance of Longinus

Nothing screams GAINAX like a epic diving "KICK-U!!!!!"

Tryna get the apples from the tree top

Evangelion mating call

Penetrating your AT Field since '96, baby!
All things considered, I give this figure a 9 out of 10. Simplicity is the key here. Excellent streamline mold, beautiful paintjob and detailing. Plenty of extra hands for dynamics, and above all things, a welcomed edition to the EVA EVO family add to the score. I would recommend this only if you’re fan enough to get it. In fact, it’s a bit hard to find, and I only came across it by happenstance. This is my first official Revoltech review, and as such from this line, this particular figure is a retool. That would make 6 of the 7 in the series good figures as they are. So again, if you can find it, and you’re willing to dish out the cash, pick it up.
Its place among its brothers

Evangelion family portrait...
Last thing: Here is my ONLY inspiration I could find for Unit 04. Make you see a little bit of that Lance of Longinus action.

Happy Hobbying, everyone!

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