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Review 6: Saint Myth Cloth Perseus Algol

Perseus Algol. The first Saint Seiya review. Let’s make one thing clear…I’m not a Saint Seiya fan. I am solely a fan of Saint Seiya figures. They might just be my favorite style when it comes to toys. I don’t know much about the story, and do not have the patience to go thru the whole thing to figure out what’s going on. I did about all the research I can stand, and come to figure that it’s something that would have caught my eye if I were younger…about 15 years younger or so.
 But enough of that…Perseus Algol is why we’re here. Based on the real Perseus of Greek mythology that killed Medusa, and who used her head to turn to stone anyone that looked at it. In Saint Seiya, Perseus is the Cloth, and Algol is the Saint that wears it. Here however, that ability is amplified. The petrifying ability goes through both blindfolds and eyelids and attacks the retinas. That is a pretty potent ability if you ask me. Anyway, he is eventually defeated, and then resurrected by Hades with a Surplice, mirroring his original Cloth. To get the full scoop on him, take a gander at:


Open book

Plastic casings removed
 Perseus Algol is a part of Athena’s Silver Saints, and personified as a figure in the ever-so-popular Saint Myth Cloth series by Bandai. If you don’t know, Saint Myth Cloth is the toyline that coincides with Saint Seiya, and is a monumental line, at that. It incorporates the “armor” system of a central humanoid figure that has additions to itself by adding a predestined assortment of particular pieces that fix themselves onto it. In some cases (i.e. the Myth Cloth case), these particular pieces can be part of some other assortment that does not require a humanoid to complete. This is often called and “Object”. Saint Myth Cloth and Armor Plus usually follow this formula, but there has been many toys that have (or something very similar) used this in the past, most frequently…the Iron Man toy series of the 90’s. 
Base form

Perseus Object

Medusa shield

Saint and Cloth

Perseus and Algol

Acceptance of responsibility

Preparing to don the Cloth

Cloth on

With tiara

Arriving in the iconic Myth Cloth book style box, Perseus Algol’s base figure comes in a rather basic (to most Silver Saints, at least) navy blue sleeveless jumpsuit with metal boots. Head is sculpted in a stern visage and is connected to the head via ball joint in the neck. Blonde hair is in a three part arrangement with one piece connected by the front of the head, another in the back of the head, and the last hooking onto the neck and hanging halfway down the back. But elbows and knees are double jointed with knees in swivels. Ankle articulation allows for both front to back and side to side movement. Shoulder and wrist articulation allows for full range of motion as well. There is even waist and hip articulation to help out.
Don’t be fooled, however. Though very poseable, the base form is…unimpressive, at best. Skinny and unfinished, but there are reasons for it. The armor. 
Hermes effect

Closed eye shield

Anime and Manga versions

The set of armor with Perseus Algol conform to create the “Perseus Object”. Every Saint, Specter, Mariner, God, etc has an object that is the theme for their armor. In Algol’s particular case, the object is more similar to the way he looks donning the armor itself more so than most of the Saint Myth Cloth line. The armor itself is mostly die cast metal (which is a Myth Cloth staple), with some small parts being made of plastic.
The internal frames of the object are plastic, as well as the front chest piece, skirt armors, wrist connector, hand armor, tiara and shoulder armor connections. Very minor parts, in my opinion. The rest of the armor is die cast metal, and make the figure very heavy. This is where good ankle joints are essential. 
Special parts

Silver Saint warrior

The completed donning of the armor is very nice, and sports a nice tainted purpleish/silver hue with sky blue trim. Unlike Gold Saints, or Mariners, Saints of this level tend to have a bit less armor, usually exposing the whole of either thighs, biceps, and/or stomach areas. Both Silver Saints Lizard Misty, and the Crystal Saint have noticeably less armor than any Gold Saint, and Algol is no exception. I am not sure if the amount of armor one has is proof or not of one’s level of power, but if that is the case, Algol would be the strongest Silver Saint in toy form, next to of Lyre Orpheus, of course.
For special parts, you get some standard, and one that is specific to him. For hands, you have fists, open curved finger hands, and open straight finger hands. No two finger hands, however. You also get an extra head, depicting a face with closed eyes and a grin. He also has a second tiara and front skirt armor, in which I can only assume, is to be more reminiscent of his manga adaptaion, rather than his anime one (though I prefer the anime pieces). Now, we all should know a bit a Greek Mythology enough to know about Perseus killing Medusa, whose very face turned mortals to stone. Perseus Algol has a shield with Medusa’s visage that I assume he uses for his petrifying ability. He comes with two shields: one with closed eyes, and one open. They can either affix to his back, or to his arm via the wrist connector. Since he has two shields, he can technically wield one on his arm while the other is on his back.

Aerial pose

Add caption


On a side note, Perseus Algol comes with two wing-like ankle pieces that attach to the bottom of his shin armors in a similar fashion to the Sagittarius Cloth. I like to dub this, the “Hermes” effect. Off the top of my head, I can think of Sagittarius, Pegasus God and Perseus Cloths, Bennu and Gryphon Surplices are the ones that share the Hermes effect of having wing-type appendages from the feet/ankle area. The thing about Perseus, is that this certain effect is not advertised in the anime or manga. Now, I can be wrong, and if you know more about this than me, feel free to correct me, but this seems to be a toy only addition, and is a part of the original instructions as a special gimmick. Personally, I like the addition, and have decided to keep it on myself however, it isn’t a very sturdy connection and can more or less look out of place…depending on how you feel about it.
Because of the weight, there is little I can do with a Tamashi Stage, so dynamic poses are out. This particular series isn’t for Dynamics anyway, as much as they are for looking good with “clothes” on. Saint Myth Cloth does have its own specific stand for the line, but I haven’t dove into them. 

Silver Saints in attendance

Overall, 7/10. He still holds a lot of articulation while Cloth is on, but what does that really matter in the Myth Cloth series? Also, since he has a decent amount of hair, he can barely look side to side, and can move his head even less with the hair clip on his neck. My particular figure’s eyes aren’t done well, with them looking in opposite directions. Though he looks the best of all the Silver Saint figures, I dislike the lack of symmetry on his shoulder armor, and the fact that he came with no cape. Collect him of only being a fan is enough for you, or like me, you want him to complete the Silver Saint collection. 
Final place among the Saints
 A small example of Perseus Algol's power:

 Stay tuned for the next review as I will attend to a very excited arrival, figma White Rock Shooter. After that, comparison of Masterpiece Seeker molds from old MP-06 Skywarp to new MP-11 Starscream.
Happy Hobbying, everyone!


  1. Ah Perseus. Along with Misty one of the figures I didn't get because their face sculpting was rather subpar compared with other releases.
    The proof of that is the Appendix they are releasing of Misty and the new face intended for this Myth Cloth that the new Perseus Surplice comes with.
    At least the Silver Saints together look nice. You are missing Shaina =p

  2. @Beamknight - I certainl agree. Both Misty and Perseus face molds seem a bit lazy in comparison to the God Cloths and even Mariners. As with Shaina...I won't get her. I won't collect Saint women. As sexist as it sounds, it's only because they dont come with enough armor. Both her and Marin don't appeal to me enough. Maybe if they make that fake Gold Saint Shaina from the old PS2 Saint Seya game...then maybe.

  3. I am extremely happy to seen it and wanna a copy of this.Although I have some toys that I collected from PIJ I’m excited! I’m going to have these in week!