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Review 7: figma White Rock Shooter

Sing Love: An alien landing on Earth on December 24th, 2031. As a human, she became a very popular musical artist who worked with a scientist to create a series of clones…one of which being Stella. Stella, being the perfect clone of Sing, was inevitably challenged by her “clonee”, and the battle ensued. For a full profile, check out:

figma White Rock Shooter. This figure is an exclusive in every sense of the term. When it premiered, the only way to get one was to buy Black Rock Shooter: The Game – White Box Premium edition, and White Rock Shooter was packaged with it. It even comes with an illustration booklet I have yet to open. Thankfully, Jungle Special Collector’s Shop being the great webstore that they are, was selling the figure by itself. They have a good selection of rare/exclusive figures there, so I keep frequent tabs on them.


Illustration Booklet

Full assortment

I like the teeth on the angry face

WRS is a beautiful figure to look at…period. Because of the particular detail of her, it isn’t just some Black Rock Shooter clone/redeco. Unlike BRS, WRS sports a white color scheme (naturally) with black trims. Clearly, she was made with the intent to be the polar opposite to BRS. She even has white hair (opposite to BRS’ black), and red eyes (again, opposite to BRS’ blue). She sports some high heels, and an interesting arrangement of leg gear that is otherwise hard to explain without showing a picture. Pantyhose stop ¾ of the way up her thigh, and leave just a small amount of skin before the short shorts come in. Exposing all of her midsection, her string bikini top is draped by a cutoff hoodie what zips at the top. Hoodie has black star on left breast, with big short sleeves revealing a second pair of full length sleeves with black tabs. Both sleeves have black trim, and she uses her bare hands.
The open hood reveals her head, which is pretty identical to BRS, save the color scheme and most importantly, the hair tails. Both of her pigtails are the long, and are the same length. Personally, I’m very happy about that. Her eyes have the same “Rinnegan” looking style as the rest of the BRS characters, with magenta pupils. 
White Rock Shooter

Oh yeah!

"Restriction 666 released. Dimensional Interface Field deployed."

"Code S.O.L. Blazblue..."



The articulation is standard for a figma, although it is hindered in some places. For instance, the top of her hood is removable, and must be undone for full range of motion of the shoulders can be used. Due the tabs on the sleeves, the hands must be carefully articulates to compensate for their interference. Her knees don’t bend as far as BRS 2035, and good luck getting her to stand properly without the stand. Her heels aren’t a good enough base for her weight, especially if you put her gear on. Aside from the little tidbits, any calm pose you put her in is bound to look stunning.
figma  joints are on the ankles, knees, elbows, neck, and pigtails. Due to the mold of the hair, they offer a bit less movement than BRS, but still enough for me. The neck is not straight up, but rather angled forward from the top of the torso, so when the head is on, the chin is away from the neck, and the entire face is free from obstruction from the hood. The midsection has its own separates articulation from the chest and waist, but nothing too significant. 
"Rock and Roll."

Such a lovely weapon.

White Onslaught

Paint. Do I really need to talk about that? It’s a figma, so paint will be great, no matter what. One thing I want to note is that everything on her is clean…even her weaponry. She doesn’t have a Rock Cannon which is painted to seem rusty, but what she does have is squeaky clean and shiny. Since she is mostly white with black trim, her paint is less likely to smudge or chip than the likes of other figures with darker tones. 
Full Gear

Flexible appendages

Laser cannons

"Let be the one to unite all souls..."

Special parts are where this figure really shines. Starting with that beautiful scythe of hers, the “White Scythe”, it’s mostly white with a black handle, and magenta transparent plastics on the curved blade. You also get several hand pieces, a separate hood with robotic armor, and her wings appendages.  The second hood has these armor pieces that articulate around the top of her arms. The wings are the real crown here.
Inserted into a backpack, they are five separate links connected via ball joints, making every blade moveable. The tips of the appendages are cone shaped, and I can only assume they are used for firing lasers of some sort. The ball joints are a bit restricting, so be careful when articulating. Finally, you get her magenta flame manifestation hair piece. Make note of the fact that it’s the right eye, instead of left.

Now...Fight your rival!

Overall: 7/10. All in all, it’s a good figure. However, the fact that it is a figma, as well as having so much gear means that the main purpose for this is to stand and look fearsome…in which it completely pulls off. Subtle grace isn’t something this excels at as a figma, but that isn’t what I bought it for. If I had to compare it completely to BRS 2035, I would say that BRS is the better figure in terms of mechanics and paint, but WRS takes it in terms of accessories, and dynamics. 

The Rock Shooters

Black Rock Shooter figma family.

The reasons to get this would be: 1 – Hardcore fan, 2 – You can find it and 3 – You can afford it. It’s got a pretty hefty price tag on it since it’s an exclusive, and it will only get heavier with time. Only a few places have it left, so get it while you can if you’re really into what Huke has to offer.

Here she is in action:
Stay tuned for the next project…Compare and Contrast: An in Depth Look between Masterpiece Seeker Molds. (Still working on that title, though.) And it you want to know more about the rival. check out the sister figure review:
Happy Hobbying, everyone!

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