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Review 9: Revoltech Edward & Alphonse Elric

The Brothers Elric. Protagonists of Full Metal Alchemist. Well, if you don’t know about these guys, there is a problem. The story involved in them is pretty tragic, actually. Daddy left when they were young. Mommy dies. They try to bring her back using the big TABOO...human transmutation. One brother loses a leg, and another loses his body. The surviving brother tries to get the younger's soul back, and loses his arm for it. They spend their lives journeying to find a way to get the younger brother’s real body back. Talk about f’d up!

The story that unfolds around them is good…damn good. Their stature in the military, the Seven Deadly Sins, Daddy issues, etc. all make Full Metal Alchemist a pretty awesome piece of fiction. They may be kids (though Alphonse doesn’t look it), but don’t play with them. They can hold their own when someone balls a fist at them, and can (and will) bust you up if need be. On top of that, they are Alchemists, and use their alchemy to do all kinds of glorious things.
Edward (Ed) Elric. Eldest son of Hoenheim and Trisha Elric. Leaving his home of Resembool, he joined the State Alchemists of Amestris, and was dubbed the “Full Metal Alchemist” based off his certain style. Well versed in martial arts thanks to the seemingly harsh tutelage of his teacher, Izumi Curtis, he searches for the means to return his younger brother’s original body back to him. If you want the lowest low-down on him, please read all about it here:
Revoltech Edward Elric is already a figure worth buying. FMA is a pretty big anime, with Edward already getting a few toy incarnations, but it’s nice to see Kaiyodo go ahead and pick up on them too. I mean, while the hell not?

Hood masks Izumi's Flamel

There is no nose on the comedic angry face

Every joint of this figure is Revoltech’d, except for the knees. The knees are two separate segments of the legs held together by an intersecting rod. Reminds me of a certain vampire mold, but we’ll get to that. Anyway, Edward’s basic design is simple, but cool. Blonde hair, big red jacket, black outfit…and you got yourself a protagonist. As for painting, Edward really doesn’t need much to get it down. They make sure to get his belt buckle, State Alchemist watch, and Flamel right, although the latter is kept hidden by the plastic piece of his hood. Big fat jacket tails on Revoltech joints, and they are needed, lest you get the effect that Motochika Chosokabe, and SFO Chun-Li has, with a nice looking skirt pieces that stay stale when posing. The jacket tails have some flat parts to them, hinting where they should be placed for a calmer look, but be careful of the inside clothing. The inside clothing is a bit unique that the waist/bottom torso is connected to the back, which is connected to the neck. Ed’s “shirt” is actually just a plastic flap below the neck joint. The same with his collar, which I just another plastic flap around the base of his neck. There are some “in between” pieces on the shoulder Revoltech joints, to help blend together the cluster of joints involved with the upper back area of the figure. But with the placement of the joints, you can pretty much pose Ed to kick so hard his knee in hits his mouth. Only from Revoltech!

Someone made fun of his height

Hagaren No Renkinjutsushi
But let’s move on to special parts. Not too shabby, if you ask me. Automail arm, with fist and open hand and ripped clothing. Normal Automail arm guard and blade guard. A pair of “clap” hands, open left hand, stern face, fierce face, and comedic angry face. To top it off, you get 2 Alchemic “bursts” for his clap hands, and a ground piece of rising Alchemy. The arm is used by removing Ed’s existing arm, and replacing it. Same thing with the arm guards. Interesting enough, his removable faces are done by raising his front hair piece (on a Revoltech joint as well) then swapping them.

Full Metal freakin' Alchemist

Full Metal Hellsing
You see, it’s not that Edward is a carbon copy, but his mold is VERY similar to Revoltech Alucard. The legs, torso, and jacket tails, and white gloves all conspire to give him a hella similar look. Yeah, Alucard is a bit larger than the short Elric son, but it is more than obvious that Edward Elric’s mold had plenty of base preparations, and an idea to work off of.
Alphonse (Al) Elric. The youngest Elric sibling lost his body in a failed attempt to resurrect his deceased mother. Now, he has only his soul affixed to a suit of armor that does not rest, or even feel. Alphonse accompanies his brother on their journey as the more mature sibling, even though he is the junior. He learned Alchemy alongside his brother in their youth from reading books in their home left by their mysterious father.  For Alphonse and all his glory, look at:

This is how you move his eyes

Revoltech Alphonse Elric is a big figure. Probably the largest Revoltech humanoid figure out there. It is at least the largest framed Revoltech I have…and the heaviest. Dealing with articulation, I will say that Kaiyodo did their best. Thing is, not much can be done with that gargantuan frame of his. So, for what they could do…they did quite well. Thing is, Alphonse’s body is way too large for conventional Revoltech joints. Even the largest joints available only cover his arm joints. So, for his legs, again, the knee joints are two segments kept together by an intersecting rod. The upper thighs are connected to the waist by enormous hinges that that though are not removable, do give you full range of motion. Just beware of the crotch cloth. The spikes are “in between” parts like Edward has. The rear cloth piece has one Revoltech joint. It also has a similar flap kind of deal of Ed’s with the spikes on his feet.

Preparing for battle

The Armored Alchemist

Paint is done well, but what is there to say, really? 90% of Al’s body is one color. White, brown, black and red pieces finish the paint job, and there you have it: Revoltech made simple. The head is a real special deal. Making sure to keep the hair-like cloth, it is made of a more rubbery material than mere plastic. It’s bendable, but I don’t want to risk a break. The head is also the start of the special parts. First, it is connected to the body via a double hinged Revoltech joint, to help mimic the fact that the head is necessarily “attached”. Also, it allows for movement around the interfering rectangular guard atop the chest plate. It’s final and greatest use is that it allows you to see the transmutation blood circle on the back of the neck that binds Al’s soul to the armor. Now, this head has another special addition to it. The mask is removable. And behind it, are two rods that manipulate the red eyes in the face. Now, you can move them to your liking, but take notice…there will be a kind of obstruction when putting back the face, and as such, getting the eyes just the way you want them will take some kind of manipulation…and patience.


Game Over

Full Metal Berserk
You also get a second head, a comedic head. Apparently, this gimmick never happened in the mangas until chapter 4, but the animes used them in the first episodes. The comedic head has a small cloth piece atop it. You also get a pair of “clap” hands, and open hands. There isn’t much extra for Alphonse, but what would you give him anyway? More Alchemic effect pieces, maybe? Not that big a deal. Alphonse is a big, surly figure, whose size and weight I can really only equate to that of figma Guts.
Al pulling Ed back from  being provoked by Mustang

We're outta' here!

Training session

Overall score: 7/10.  Edward’s design is nice, but a bit too simple for me. Alphonse suffers the same thing, with his background story being what really makes the character. I can’t really account for articulation with Ed…it’s a Revoltech, so it’s going be great. As for Al, Kaiyodo did a pretty sweet job doing what they can for that mass of his. I would have preferred if Ed had his lance from the anime, or if Al had his own Alchemic effect parts. Another point to make is that Al is pretty much obsolete without his older brother next to him. In other words, I don’t see many people buying him without buying Ed first…like I did. On the other hand, some positives are that though they are simple designs, Kaiyodo hit all the tidbits. Getting the Flamel designs and blood transmutation circle was the type of detail I was hoping for.

Ed never beat Al in a match

Why buy them? ‘Cause FMA is awesome. Personally, they make me want to re-watch FMA: Brotherhood. That show was great from start to finish. Just the memory of Mustang toasting the life out of Envy is enough for me. They can go ahead and release Roy Mustang, and maybe a Fuhrer Bradley. Would make for a nice addition. But to really get these guys, you have to know about them personally, since just the design of the characters alone might not be enticing enough to catch your eye.
The Brothers Elric

Full Metal and Armored

Students of Izumi Curtis

With some Revoltech brethren, behind the Gurren Lagann's
Last off, I leave you with some FMA media to remind/inform you of some of the greatness of the show.
The Boys get in a bit over their heads.
Don't mess with Edward Elric
Alphonse is not to be taken lightly.

Dub or Sub, these animes are awesome. I am particular to Brotherhood myself, but both are worth the watch. The endings are very similar in terms of "equivalent exchange" (which is the basic theory of Alchemy), but if you have the time to kill, go ahead and immerse yourself in both examples of great science-fiction. if anything, it will show you just how in depth these brothers' stories are, and introduce some great story elements that i at least haven't seen other places.

Next up, Saint Myth Cloth EX Scorpio Milo. Lots of parts with him, so please, be a bit patient. Also, I have a birthday coming up soon, and I don't necessarily plan to be very coherent for a day or two, so that may delay it a bit. However, I WILL get it done no matter what, so look out for it. Signing off...

Happy Hobbying, everyone!

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