Thursday, May 10, 2012

600+ pageviews?

How goes it, folks?

 So, I happened to check my stats on this blog thing. 600+ pageviews. I've only had this for 2 months. I don't know if that number is good or not, but I'm damn proud of it. Honestly, I didn't think what I had to say was interesting enough to have people look at it more than once. So, I'm gonna say "Thank You" to everyone who has at least looked on my page (whether you meant to, or not). So, as meager as this "milestone" is, whether I get a single pageview or not after this, I will continue to buy, review, and collect figures, as well as talk about anything else that fits the parameters of this "hobbyist" blog. So, thanks again, everyone, and I'll see you all soon! I'm gonna celebrate with a pretty close friend of mine:
And his cohort...
P.S. Don't forget that the next scheduled reviews are: Armor Plus Korin no Seiji (Sage of the Halo), the Revoltech brothers Elric (double review), and EX Scorpio Milo (with Special Parts).

As always...Happy Hobbying, everyone!


  1. I may have helped a little bit with those Views since I posted a link to this place on a forum that had a Figure collection sub section. I didn't get many replies to the thread but it's possible people just clicked teh link without commenting. Either way Congrats man you are doing great.

  2. Thanks, dude. Any little branching out of this thing is appreciated. Btw, what is the forum you put it on?