Monday, September 14, 2015

A Hobbyist's Return

The Hess truck’s back, and it’s better than ever...fill in the rest.
   So, it’s been some time since I’ve been on the ol' Blogger scene, eh? Like…a few years, actually. Not that I wanted to, but that stuff goes on. Life happens, you know?
   Anyway, what’s happened in the time I was away? Let’s see…marriage, deployment, moving, detachment, pregnancy, EAS’ing, etc. Yeah, life goes on, and brings you along for the ride…whether you’re ready or not. It’s been a ride, and still going!
   One thing, however, hasn’t changed: collecting! Now, that I’m back in the US, I finally consolidated all I have into one collection. Once again, I start to run out of space with these things, and like most of us, I still don’t have everything that I want. In fact, I’m haunted by 2 Bandai figs that seem to elude me for a good price.
   All in all, the boy is back. Needing some well-deserved sharing of this passion. The collection has grown, but not by as much as I would like. There’s a baby on the way now, so I won’t be getting much more than the minimum I can…for now, at least.
   I’m bringing in the reviews for some things I haven’t seen much of, really. I don’t want to focus so much on the newest, or the main stream, but some things I find interesting, and worth a share. If they do happen to be new or mainstream…so be it. We don’t discriminate here, at The Hobbyist.

So, here’s to a new stage in life, and the return of a love that keeps a heart pumping, and a wallet burning! Happy Hobbying, everyone!

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