Monday, September 17, 2012


Been a while, eh? My tour here, in Holland is coming to an end, and with my return to the US coming up, I have been knee deep in preparation for the transit. Because of this, I've been away from the blog scene for a while.
Even though I haven't blogged, the hobby shopping never stopped. I noticed that I haven't updated my collection with the new arrivals. There has been a few since I first uploaded at least what this room encompasses. I must say this: it's getting crowded. So many good figures, and no real way to have them shine like they should. Returning to the US will allow me the room I need to give some of these guys some justice. Anyway, onto the updates.
First up: Robot Shelf
- Not much here, but I did finally manage to get my hands on a Macross Frontier model kit, another Wild-member robot from SRW, and finally, that Valsione that I have coveted since 2010.
Valsione was one of the best Kotobukiya kits I have. Assembly was easy, with good ending articulation. I'm satisfied with the purchase.
Didn't think about this until now. Wildwurger is behind Weissritter and in front of Temjin. The purchase was solely to try and complete the 3 Wilds from SRW.
Hades Project: Zeorymer takes center stage, replacing Arblade Custom. I absolutely love the design of this mech. Reminds me so much of Cyclopsis from the first Power Rangers, and I liked that robot a lot.
Behind Lancelot Albion, is VF-25S Super Messiah model kit. the kit is nice enough to be built with, or without its heavy armor. I was excited to try my hand at a Macross kit for the first time, but I came up a bit disappointed with this. The transformation between modes is a bit choppy, and I cant get it to hold together nicely in fighter mode. Not sure there is much more Macross in my future.
Sorry, Arblade. You lost your center position, and got booted to the side.
Next: Transformers Shelf
- Tranformers Prime has really been a great cartoon, and a source of some nice figures. Also, with the release of Fall of Cybertron (in which if you haven't played...GOT GET IT), even more figures are being released. I haven't gotten everything that I wanted, but some essentials were found. Again, It's getting real crowded up there, so moving location would highly benefit me.
Barely enough space for the masterpiece Decepticons. It's also a bit difficult to see Prime Soundwave behind Skywarp's intake. FOC Shockwave, and Prime Knockout also join the ranks.
Behind G2 Optimus w/ Battle Tanker Add-On, is TFP's Voyager Megatron, and FE Optimus. Let me say, I love that Megatron. One of the best Megatron molds in a good, long while. Also, I am in love with the design of that robot. Seeing it on screen is excellent, and Frank Welker has done yet another astonishing job at playing one of the most iconic villains ever.
I had to change the pose for Magnus, with everything else behind him.
1, 2, 3 Primes! WFC, FOC, and Revoltech.
FOC Jazz next to his Generations incarnation. you can see WFC and TFP FE Bumblebees flanking TFP Ratchet.
Another Optimus Triplet. FE TFP, MP-10, and that red Powered Commander Add-On has Generations Optimus as the base.
Rodimus, Springer (Warbot Defender), Perceptor, Kup, Junkheap, Drift. I was kind of going for a Wreckers theme, here.
Photon totin' Rodimus and Warpath.
Third: Figure Shelf
- The most additions are here. I have an acceptional amount of remorse here. a good amount of Bandai Tamashii exclusives have came in, and I havent had the time to review them like they should be. Also, due to their size, and accessories, I had to shove them in the back, and take away from the the displaying they were meant for. I also stepped up my figma game. More and more of the famed "super poseable dolls" have rolled in, and one of the newest ones have really sparked my fancy.
Final Forms Kazuma and Ryuho from S-Cry-Ed. If you ever watch that battle, it bets pretty desperate toward the end. I'm sure these came and gone like the wind. I'm a bit sad I to shove Goku back there, but he takes up so much space. Reychal Orichalcum in underneath Gundam Girl, Yukina.
The complete Eva series is in effect. Liolaeus, and Sol Tekkaman join the fray.
All stages of Gurren Lagann. I love Gainax producions.
Been waiting for Griffith to show up.
A bit blurry, but its figma Samus Aran behind that ax, and next to the Ronin Warriors.
In front of the Ronin Warriors, come the Fate ladies. Just waiting on that Kiritsugu.
Behind Saber Alter, is ax wielding Leonmitchelli Galette des Rois. I know, a moutnful, but she is from Dog Days, and possibly my favorite figma to date. nice design, clothing gimmick, paint. Random purchases FTW!
Duel Maids. I tried to give the chicks in my collection some face time.
I need not explain these guys.

It keeps coming out sideways, but Chun Li and Ken posing in front of the Brothers Elric.
Finally: Saint Seiya Shelf
Oh my Dayum...He's finally arrived. I have awauted this for a while.
With the arrival of EX Aiolos, I have decided to do a "Generations" Compare & Contrast. Initially, I wanted to show him compared to Crown, but since I have all 3, I can show how the line has evolved over the years. I dont have much free time, and the project is rather large, so expect a while before I finish it. However, I plan on going through joint-to-joint, armor piece-by-piece, posing comparisons and special pieces/gimmicks. Stay tuned for some goodness in the coming days, and as always...

Happy Hobbying, everyone!

P.S. Sonic and Gundam Shelves weren't shown any love. Simply, I have all I want from Sonic, and there have been no new MG's that I want. The few I do want will have to wait until I move location. Besides...I don't have the room :(

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