Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Mail Call V

Before I start the Seeker Comparison and right after I finished WRS Review, some goodness came through. 2 of these pieces are a bit out of range for me, but one is a gift, and the other was a "tax return" purchase.
The Guyver III. An earlier work from Max Factory. This thing is pretty rare, and sold out quickly. Luckily,  Anime-Export received one, and I picked it up. It doesn't have much place in my collection without Guyvers I and II, and thus, this one is for my brother who still has them. Besides, the dude loves Guyver.
Hades Project Zeorymer of the Heavens. Another picked up from Anime-Export, and my 3rd Soul of Chogikin piece. I never knew a thing anout Zeorymer prior to the announcement of this Chogokin, but I could not stay away from that design. Its a sexy robot, and a great figure. Don't expect a review, but I dont mind talking about it a bit when I have time.

Ronin freakin' Warriors: Korin no Seiji (Sage of the Halo). A childhood staple in my life, and this is installment #4. Not only is this one of my favorite shows, its a figure of my favorite toyline, the Armor Plus series. I took a sneak peek, and I have to say...this is pretty damn good. That two handed blade is just beautiful. With him, Cye of the Torrent and Kento of the Hardrock is all that's left...that is, unless Bandai wants to release the Warlords as well. Don't tease me :) Brought to me by Big Bad Toy Store
Dragon Quest: Legendary Loto(Roto) Armor Returns. I never played Dragon Quest, and past DBZ, never dove into Toriyama's works, but this looked a bit too interesting to pass up. This is nothing more than Square Enix taking a stab at Bandai's Armor Plus formula. I will go a bit more in depth about it another time, but it has some things about it that is left to be desired, and that's putting it mildly. By Hobby Link Japan
Edward Elric. Ah, yeah. I don't want to touch this really, until Alphonse gets here. I just recently watched Sacred Star f Milos, so I feel a bit back into the FMA field. I can see these two being another double review for me. It doesn't seem to have all the accessories I would like, but I wont make a full judgment until I review this thing. Thanks, Angolz

Some exciting things coming up. gonna have to find time to attend to everything. Stay tuned.

Happy Hobbying, everyone!

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