Friday, April 20, 2012

To Be, or Not to Be

Tamashi Nations Hong Kong posted this today:

Depicting the new Perseus Algol Surplice amongst others and open the preorder. Now, they make a point to fix the bad parts of the original Algol (i.e. the head sculpt). I detailed some of them in my Perseus Algol review. But the question I purchase?
I never really liked the idea of redecos. I have made a few exceptions, but very scarce. Off the top of my head, I can think of the Decepticon Seekers, the three FansProject Commander sets, and maybe the two Kenshin Revoltech figures...which is more of a retool, then redeco I guess. This is the main reason why I never bought Extreme Blast Mode of Destiny. At the time, MG Destiny was all that was available, and Extreme Blast Mode didnt come out until after I bought Full Blast Mode Strike Freedom.

Speaking of repaints, not too long ago, releases this:
Now, In order for me to enjoy this and display it properly amongst my collection is to purchase another WFC Megatron. I'm not particularly fond of that idea. That Megatron is pretty scarce now, and I would have to be damn certain that this project stays on board before I preorder. Lots of third party projects go down in production. One just went down last month, I believe, and they had to refund all the preorders. The production leader is selling his Transformers collection in order to pay people back.

So, what am I going to do about these? 
As for the Galvatron project, there is still time to see if the project will be completed. I assume it can't be too terribly pricey for now. I mean, its not a Prime mold add-on like say the likes of the Commader sets, or even the Battle Tanker, so I don't assume there will be a huge trailer with a deathly armament array. But if you intend to have "armor" on top of the already thick Megatron, It will end up being a pretty hefty toy. I'm curious to see what they do with the Particle Cannon, and hope they keep his hexagonal knees.

As for Algol? Hmmmm. I think what I will do is wait for it's release. Someone on the inside is bound to make a review or something before I get it, and could let me know what I'm in for. What bothers me the most about this mold is that for a undead surplice of a Saint, it does not feature any striking differences in armor. In fact, there are no differences at all that I can see in the armor, save the color. Sure, the head is sculpted better, but an Appendix could fix that! There is no sign of the wing pieces for the Hermes effect that I can see, either. Like the old Saint resurrections, all six of them had notable differences in the armor. It actually LOOKED like a mirrored dark tainted image of the former Cloth, as opposed to the same Cloth with a new paint job. I'm interested about the "Object use flame" part, but before I assume the obvious, I will hold off. Though the Myth Cloth line is huge, and people are always clamoring over it, this release doesn't seem too appealing to me, and am afraid of it being a shelf warmer. I thought the same would happen with Shaina, and she is still in stock everywhere I look, and even in places I wasnt looking. Since I think Perseus Algol will do the same, I will wait and see what others have to say about it.

In other news, the inspection is complete, and now, I have a bit more time on my hands. That being said, White Rock Shooter's review production should begin within the next 24 hours. I'm really excited to do this, being that the BRS figma is the precise protagonist to the antagonist WRS, so expect some battle poses.

Happy Hobbying, everyone!

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