Thursday, April 12, 2012

Mail Call IV

Thanks to the hardest and earnest good men and women of Big Bad Toy Store, I had a nice gift when checking the mail. This guy is personal favorite of mine, and I have been awaiting this new mold for some time.
Oh, yes. Coronation Starscream. Now, this is a two-fold purchase for me. Thing is, I have a masterpiece of this mold, but it's the American Skywarp. I also managed to buy the 3rd party coronation set for him. This particular Starscream mold is supposed to be a step up from the former Masterpiece molds of the original Seekers. On top of that, Takara made its own coronation set with it, so i can compare and contrast as much as I please...which is what I intend to do. I know I said I wouldn't review and Transformers, but since I can make comparisons, I think I can break this rule...if just for once anyway.
Now, the review for this won't come anytime soon, I'm afraid. It must take a back burner seat to both Perseus Algol, and White Rock Shooter of course. However, the review of Starscream will mostly be of the comparison to the previous Masterpiece mold, so if you're really trying to see what has changed, I'll be diving all into that.
Be sure to check my latest review of figmas BRS 2035 and Guts. They are great figures from great series'. As always...

Happy Hobbying, everyone!

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