Saturday, June 16, 2012

Mail Call VI w/ Updates

I feel like it's been a while since I did any real work toward the blog. a lot of it has to do with less and less time I have on my hands, and another large part of it has to do with the partying last weekend. Made me groggy for a few days...sorry about that.

Anyway, there have been a few new additions since I last logged on. Bandai is on a rampage with my wallet this month, and June is actually the most promising month for releases this year. I still have some nice ones in the mail, but for now, I'm satisfied with what came in so far.

The winged Evangelion is here. No review, But know it came with a ton of accessories.

Now, normally I would do an arrival pic, but I wasn't so much in the mood this time. Like I mentioned earlier, I have less and less time on my hands, so what I really wanted to highlight here are the various sets I have. Revoltech Evangelion Evolution (EVA EVO) series, S. H. Figuarts DBZ line, and Armor Plus Ronin Warriors have all been buffed, as well as the addition to a LONG awaited item: Saint Myth Cloth Gemini Surplice. Man, been trying to get my hands on one of those through a legit webstore for a long time now. Finally, Hades collection, and basically everything I want from Saint Seiya is complete.
Trunks is the last Saiyain to be part of this collection.

Father-Son Kamehameha, Big Bang, Burning Attack...MAN, that's some beamy goodness!

Cye of the Torrent/ Suiko No Shin

Super Wave Smasher. Yeah, baby.
Now, of course I'm waiting for news of Kento of the Hardrock toy. That will put the finishing touches on the Ronin Warrior line. I haven't heard much from the EVA EVO series, and rightfully so, since I don't know what else they could release. Every single Eva Unit has been released in some way, shape or form as a Revoltech. Angels, maybe? Who knows?
And Hades collection is finally complete

Been looking for this Saga for years

Might have to change my cover

As for DBZ, well...I'm sure all of you saw that wonderful silhouette of a great villain coming to light. If not, go ahead and check on this bad boy:!/photo.php?fbid=444851942200643&set=a.202780856407754.63448.155435907808916&type=1&theater
Nice, right? Also, I have the next two EX releases on preorder: Virgo Shaka and Sagittarius Aiolos. Those two will be plenty of fun, I'm sure of it. If anything, they are certainly a welcomed addition to my collection.

Scorpio Milo in production. Expect him soon. Till then...

Happy Hobbying, everyone!

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