Monday, June 18, 2012

Review 10: Saint Myth Cloth EX Scorpio Milo

 Scorpio Milo. Gold Saint of the Scorpio constellation, and Guardian of the 8th Temple of the Sanctuary. An honorable warrior, with chivalry all about him. He’s actually pretty special, becoming a Gold Saint at the tender age of 7. Not bad, Milo…not bad.
Milo, as a Gold Saint, is a member of Athena’s 12 most powerful and revered warriors. He is also a master of the 7th sense, allowing him to move freely at the speed of light. Also, as a Saint, he has his own custom finishing blows, called “Restriction”, and “Scarlet Needle”. Milo’s particular fighting style is to cause an unreal and unbearable amount of pain on his opponents. Given this, he usually allows them to either surrender, or suffer the possibility of going insane from the pain he is certain to inflict.
Restriction works as is sounds. It restricts the opponent’s movements…completely. Once caught in this, you are completely at Milo’s mercy. This would spell disaster for anyone attempting to do battle with the Gold Saint, as he is now given freedom to cause pain the worst way he knows how: with Scarlet Needle.

 Scarlet Needle is a terrible attack. Unable to be evaded or blocked, Milo discharges crimson needles into his opponent’s body, mimicking the Scorpio constellation for which he represents. These needles poison the victim, making them painfully and profusely lose blood while simultaneously losing all five senses. Whether against one or multiple targets, Milo can launch anywhere from 1 to 14 needles at a time. This is where the unreal pain sets in. However, it’s not over yet. If by some chance you do not yield, or lose what’s left of your sanity, the final and greatest needle is used…Antares. Antares is the “one hitter quitter” for the Scorpio Saint. Whomever receives 14 needles and Antares…dies. Period.
In his time, Milo has laid waste to Bronze Saints, mangled Gemini Saga’s twin brother, Kanon, engaged in battle with undead Gold Saints changed to Specters, and fought the mighty Judge of Hell, Wyvern Rhadamanthys. Of course, he is a Gold Saint, so his inevitable fate was to sacrifice himself so that his cosmo can be used to break the Wailing Wall, and allow the Bronze Saints to find Hades. Before all that, though, he was a force to be reckoned with (not to mention a retarded hard boss in Saint Seiya Senki). To get more on him and arachnid glory, feel free to read all about him here:

Scarlet Needle sheet

Lightning Plasma sheet

Crystal Wall sheet

such great sculpting

The left hair is for "Athena Execution"

 My first EX review. Let it be known that EX is and Armor Plus line to boot and follows all the same basic principles as its father series, Saint Myth Cloth. You get a base figure, armor pieces that conform to make an object, which also affix to the base figure, yadda, yadda, yadda. Now, the Saint Myth Cloth line has been following this principle for years, really, and are virtual pioneers of the system. The EX line is a step above this, and I’m about to show you why.
Unlike his last incarnation, Scorpio Milo’s body is full of more articulation that one should really have with such a skinny frame. However, it plays a huge part later on. Yes, without the armor, he is really nothing to look at, and if you were introduced to the toy as a base figure, it would be painfully obvious he is a part of something larger. But in terms of articulation, the EX figure offers more. The thigh twists are done better, and look more like they should. Also, they allow better concealment of the joint when cloth is donned. In the torso, they do away with the front to back articulation, and give you a swivel instead. Now, the chest area can turn on a ball joint. The wrist ball joint is better made, so I don’t feel like I might break it every time I switch hands. The neck is taller, and the hair is flared out enough for the cloth when donned.
factory base setting

Scorpio object. Notably better than the last Milo toy.

 The object is notably better than the Scorpio. It actually has small articulation in the forward arms, and the tail, but nothing to clamor over. What’s nice about it now compared to before, is that as a scorpion, the pincers are large, and freakin’ beautiful. Nice and smooth, these things actually make this object look more threatening and akin to a scorpion. This object also incorporates the hand armor as well to make it. That’s a new one for me. Since the armor pieces pretty much doubled from Milo’s last figure, assembling the object is a lot more complex, yet more durable and brings a better sense of satisfaction upon completion.
When Milo dons the Scorpio cloth, he is certainly a sight to behold. Less bulky than before, and taller, he looks more like the character should have always looked. The nice thing about the ton of articulation is that Milo now keeps 90% of it at the least. This is a dream come true, really. Myth Cloths have really been about looking good, and nothing else. Maybe some nostalgia for the truer fans, but nothing much more than that. The EX line technology has gone way beyond my expectations to make these fine figures.

 All the EX figures all with knee parts for armor, and hand parts as well. Speaking of hand armor, Milo has a certain difference from his last incarnation. The Saint Myth Cloth Milo has designs on his hands. The EX Milo’s hands are free of such designs. The cape is something too. Personally, since Saint Seiya figures aren’t made for the most vibrant of poses, I like for them to be posed with a cape if they have one. The back if the figure has a rectangular hole, and two smaller holes on the armor to house wither the back piece of the armor, or the cape. Personally, the cape does not stay on as well as I would like.

 Special parts are another part where these guys shine. Milo has three extra faces, extra hair piece, and seven extra hands. The faces are: closed eyes, fierce, and “side anger”. The extra hair is to coincide with the side anger face, facilitating the pose he makes during “Athena Execution”. For hands, we have: pair of open, pair of open tensed, right Scarlet Needle pointing, right Scarlet Needle open tensed, and left curved pointing. It’s difficult to really explain all the hands without just seeing them yourself.

 Another somewhat special thing about this particular mold of Milo compared to his former figure is the forearms. Yes, I did say something about this before, but what is allowed this time is pretty nice. Because of the peg setup in the forearm, you are not only allowed to put the standard armor pieces, but also the huge pincers from the Scorpio object. That’s right, you can make Scorpio Milo more scorpion-like. Of course, there is nothing in the instructions that say to do this, nor is it at all advertised like this. In fact, Milo has never used anything like this in anime nor manga. This is just something done by the designers…and I’m not arguing. True, I feel bad doing something to him that never once happened, but the final product is great to look at. It gives Milo a sort of more threatening appeal, and further instills the theme of “Scorpio” when he is introduced. 
Overall, I give EX Scorpio Milo a solid 8.0 / 10.  It’s beautiful to look at, fun to put together, and adds that much more class to anyone’s collection. What I don’t like about it is the joint connections. This may be my figure in general, but the shoulders, cape, and ankle joints are all weak. Nothing bothers me more than weak ankle joints. A figure cannot function without strong ankle joints. In fact, I’m actually using the cape as a third point of support for him…shame. Lastly, if you get this figure, be very careful of the tail piece on his tiara. This is simultaneously the best and worst part of the figure for me. Milo, God Shiryu, and Rhadamanthys all share the tail coming down the back, and I love the design. However, I haven’t dealt with my Milo that much, and the tail is already showing signs of wear and tear that comes with constant fidgeting with. This only means that either the ball or the hole…whichever piece is made of inferior plastic, and makes for an inferior connection…so be aware. 

Why buy this? It awesome, really. I know I can bash on it, but it does not take away from it looking awesome as well as its superior paint and sculpt on the faces. As aforementioned, it retains 90% of its articulation when cloth is donned, so please, have at it. Also, this is a great example of how far along toy technology has come. I doubt there will be a better representation of this character in my lifetime, so I’m glad I got it. Finally, it belongs to the legendary Saint Seiya line. If anything, pay a bit of homage to a heavyweight of the hobby world, and pick up this purple-haired chivalrous Saint that was good enough to come with special parts for Other EX Gold Saints! Let the Execution begin!

Old and new Scarlet Needles

Couldn't do this before

Good effect sheet

Crystal Wall effect sheet

Mega Pincers

New place amongst his brethren

Scorpio Milo
It seems most individual scenes have been taken off Youtube. With that, all I can really give you guys as examples of Milo are these tributes. Not to knock tributes, however, since they are all done well.
 That's all for now. Maybe next one should be of that Trunks that just came in...who knows? As for me, I've been sick all day yesterday, and need to go get some food in me. enjoy the review, all, and as always...
Happy Hobbying, everyone!

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