Monday, June 25, 2012

Mail Call VII

Today…is a good day.
Ok, so I know I just posted that last review, but I check the mail today…and my day was made. Seems Bigbadtoystore and Angolz came through with some additions to make me a happy camper. Been impatiently waiting for these to arrive, but since it’s so much, I’m going to relax on the spending for a while. 
 Besides all the work that was done, the practicing for the ceremonies I have to do for 4th of July, and preparation for upcoming events at work and at the house, this was a pleasant close of business for a Monday…especially since I worked the graveyard shift last night. This 4th of July thing will probably take up the most free time, since there will be 3 ceremonies in 3 days, and I have to be in uniform for all of them. Americans really eat it up when their military does anything ceremonial, and even more so when we do it in foreign countries, so we all get a sense of satisfaction pleasing them…but the fact of the matter is, that it will July (the heart of the summer), and we will be outside in wool uniforms marching. Let the sweat commence.
 Anyway, I’m not sure if I want to review any of these. I have read a pretty good and in depth Zero Type-2 review on Critiques4Geeks here: that pretty much gave me all I needed to know. I guess I don’t mind posting some pics about it though…just to give it my own little spin. I’m happy about that Celestial Being stand also. Makes my 00 Raiser look even better.
Make sure to read up on Loto’s Armor review. It’s a pretty exceptionally done figure, and worth some recognition. As Dudley would say, “Keep it classy!”
 Happy Hobbying, everyone!

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