Sunday, June 3, 2012

Missing Singapore...

Singapore. Oh, how I miss you.
Rode a bike here a few times. Nice restaurants, and a night club here as well.
In case you're unaware, Singapore is a beautiful place year round. The weather and scenery is enough to take a visit if you're in the Southeast Asia area.
Marina Bay Sands. There is a bar, restaurant and infinity pool on the top. I felt like a baller that night. 
Marina Bay Sands, Singapore Flyer, Universal Studios, Sentosa (in general), F1, Clarke Quay/Boat Quay clubbing are just a few of the things I have enjoyed since my stay there. I have met some of the best people ever there, and probably drank my body's weight worth of vodka/cranberry in about a year. I can't explain just how many good times I had with the Merlion and all it's glory. Sure, Singapore is a small country (smaller than Tokyo), but it's jam-packed with stuff to do and see, and might have the best food I'm ever going to eat.
My favorite place to eat. Best crepes with capsicum you're ever going  to have. Make sure you go to 313 @Somerset, and not Vivo City.
Because of so much fun in Singapore, I have been back twice since I left in 2010. I really can't stay away from it. A little piece of me is left in that country, and I'm always thinking of when I can go back. But the last but certainly not least reason I love Singapore guessed it, Hobby Shopping!
Evac from Transformers: The Ride at USS. You dont have to be a  Transformers lover to like the's real good.
My collection as of now, is largely because of the enthusiastic hobby shops around Singapore. La Tendo's in Funan, Dollz Inc in Wheelock Place, and the first and second floors of China Square were places you could find me on a weekly basis. I cant tell you how much money I spent there, but if you look through my collection, you can guestimate that it is quite a bit.
Dollz Inc is here. My first hobby shop that I found in Singapore. The start of  my Saint Seiya collection as well.
So many times I have come home and my roommates see me with these big bags, and go "More toys?" and I go "Yep. I'm a collector." Now, when I look at some of the resale valuse for the things I bought in Singapore, I can see that I made a good investment.Max Gohkin Genesic Gao Gai Gar alone is worth about a grand now, and I bought it from China Square for 300 or so.
La Tendo's in Funan. Got some rare stuff here.
Got my first Third Party pieces here. When I lived in Singapore, they were the ONLY place around that still had the City/Powered Commander sets.
I love that place so much, and I know I will be back...several times. This is a place that should not be missed. There are a lot of things crammed into this little island, so if you have the oppurtunity, go. Also, if not In Hong Kong, or Tokyo, and want some hobby shopping done. Singapore will certainly help you out. They have huge selections, and are really good at getting the newest and rarest items.

It will be a bit until the next review, so I hope everyone eljoys themselves. Until next time...

Happy Hobbying, everyone!

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