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Chapter IV: The Meeting (WIP)

          Dark, amber sky. Pale, grey ground. The setting for battle.  In an open field in Daesovin, the prophecy will take place. The clouds have gathered over this region, and everyone in the world knew what was going on. News cameras were everywhere. Mostly automated and remote controlled, however. Everyone knew better then to send actual people there. It was certain death. However, anchors from their respective companies were determined to report to the world as best they can, and lie in wait for something in this field to move.
          Several moments later, it happens. The clouds in the sky circle, while the ground began to rumble. From a central point on the ground a circle grows outward, decaying all plant life in its wake. Simultaneously, from a central point in the clouds, a circle grows outward as well, clearing the amber in its wake. From both circles on the ground, and sky magic seals of red and blue lights appear.
From the ground, hands seem to emerge. They are the hands of the demons that have come to take the world for themselves. The demons are mostly similar in appearance. All different shades of black, and darkened red. They bare sharp, threatening teeth. They resemble wild animals and savage beasts. They certainly look like creatures made for war. They carry worn and torn looking weapons, but it only adds to their already frightening look. Mouths of slobber and itching to tear some flesh, the demon hordes rise from the very Hell they wish to plunge the Earth into.
But they are not the only visitors to Earth soil today. From the sky, feet slowly come out, followed but the bodies of the angels of Heaven. All in white garb, these winged saints slowly and gracefully descend to the ground. As one would think of angels, they are clean, and ebon in exterior. Silent as the night, they fall to the Earth in formation for war. All weapons are glossed for combat, ready to save this world.
Both factions stood several kilometers away from each other, staring each other down. The wind blows calmly, but carries a malignant taste in it regardless. The angels stand motionless, letting the wind gently glide through their hair and clothes. The demons on the other hand, are restless. Screaming and yelling, itching to rip something open. They gazed upon each other for several moments, almost as if waiting for something. Just then, that something happened.
From the sky, came 3 pillars of light that dropped down and landed several yards in front of the angel forces. Two lights dissipated to show two angelic warrior twins, clad in combat armor. Familiar faces, they were. None other than the twin familiars of Father Seraph himself, the archangels: Kanryuu and Tohryuu. When the light in front of them dissipated, it was Father Seraph himself, in warrior’s garb. At this time, he was no longer the Father Seraph that everyone knew his as. He was now the leader of the angel regime, the hallowed Arch of Angels. Just then, the formation took opposite side steps from the center, making a path through the formation. An angel warrior comes from the back of the formation with an elongated glass case. He trots to the Arch, bowing to him presenting the case. Both Kanryuu and Tohryuu approach the case, undo the latches, and open the case. Inside, is the most famed and legendary weapon of Heaven. A weapon said to forged by the Lord’s hands himself, and the personal primary of the Arch, the Cyngian. The Cyngian is a long, mighty double sword with a handle in the middle. 11 ft in length, this blade was fabled to be the tool that cleaved the lands in the shape that they were in. The Arch takes the Cyngian in hand, and positions the blade behind him, fearlessly facing the opposition.
On the demon’s side, another magic seal appears in front of their forces. From this circle surfaced a tall man, clad in a black leather costume with a hood, followed by a warrior clad in crimson traditional Japanese samurai armor. They seemed to walk up a set of steps to reach the Earth ground. A slow and silent ascent, their arrival calmed the demon forces to complete silence. This clothing is very familiar as well. It is in the same fashion of Euphoria owner, D. It is a safe bet to assume that is who is behind that hood. This would make D the formal leader of the demon force, the Duke of Demons. The Duke stood for a few moments staring the Arch down from several kilometers across. The Duke took enough time staring at the Arch, to notice that he has already drawn the Cyngian. Knowing the plausibility of this move, the Duke retaliates.
Snapping his fingers, a low rank demon warrior hastily makes his way from behind the ranks, up to the Duke. With him, he carried what looked like a casket on his shoulder. The samurai turns his head to watch the lesser demon approach the Duke’s right side, opposite of the samurai’s position. The lesser demon slammed the casket looking object on the ground in front of him stand ding upright, facing the Duke. The slam cased the top cover of the casket to come off, and fall to the ground. The removal of the casket case revealed that it was full of some kind of black substance. It was filled to the brim of what looked like a black void. At this time, the samurai handed the Duke a long eerie staff that he was holding. Accepting the staff, the Duke inserted top end of the staff into the black void. The insertion made liquid-like ripples in this viscous material. After a moment, the black material began to bubble, and move in an erratic fashion. The lesser demon became nervous, as the casket began to shake uncontrollably. The samurai looked at the Duke, only to notice the steam coming from his hood.
After a great while of watching the volatile black material react to the staff’s intrusion, the Duke begins to pull the staff out. The thick blackness stuck to the staff, and as the Duke pulled, the black went with it in a curved bladed fashion. The material eventually drained out of the casket following the staff until it was empty, and all the staff. It completed its blade-like shape, and became a large, dense black cutting edge protruding from the top of the staff. The Arch could see what happened. A normal staff entered the casket, and a sickle emerged from it. The Arch had heard of such a weapon before. The black scythe from Hell: the Almatier. The Duke rests the top of the blade on the ground, looking at his opposition.
Both sides have their leaders, and their weapons of war. All is now set, and thus the holy war is about to begin for the fate of the world. News cameras surround both factions, and the world sits on hand and foot, waiting for what is going to happen. From the skies, it is east to see why most people are scared. The sheer number of demons largely dwarf the number of angels. Though the power of the average angel(even low-level angels) outclass a demon about 10 to 1, the sheer sight of the overwhelming odds is enough to put any prudent mind on edge.
The Arch lifts the Cyngian, and aims the blade tip at the Duke, while the Duke simultaneously does the same with the Almatier. Both factions ready themselves for battle, and with raging bellows from the leaders, the angels and demons take off toward each other. Both the Arch and Duke stay motionless with their familiars as their respective hordes soar past them in a frenzy of murderous objectives. They clash with thunderous results.
“Enjoy your chat?”
“You don’t quit do you?”
“With what?”
“That  mouth.”
“You didn’t answer the question.”
“Doesn’t need to be answered.”
“If you say so. At any rate, there is work to be done.”
“Been meaning to talk to you about that.”
“Now would be the time.”
“What ‘work’ are you talking about?”
“I think you know.”
“No, I don’t.”
“Don’t you? You told her that you need to go to where those clouds gathered. You know you have to do something there. I am here to tell what it is.”
“Are you now? They say Heaven and Hell itself are going to be there. What business could I have there?”
“Great business actually. Both forces will weed each other out, so you need not be concerned with them. However, the Arch and Duke must not survive either.”
“And what, you’re going to make me the triggerman for those two?”
I won’t make you. You already are. You just haven’t done it yet.”
“You seem certain about this.”
“I am very certain, actually. You have to kill them, both.”
“That’s preposterous.”
“Actually…it isn’t.”
“It is. Definitely is. How would you even think that I get close to them, let alone kill them?”
“Walk up to them, and with your hands.”
“…You can’t be se-”
“But I am serious. You have to do this.”
“But I can’t do this.”
“Yes you can, this is not beyond your capability. Not hardly.
“Great to know, but I still can’t do it.”
“I told you already. Yes you can.”
“Well then, I won’t. I don’t care about all of this, and I don’t care what happens here. Despite what you think, this isn’t my world.”
“So you think coming to the clouds is a mistake?”
“I don’t know why I want to go there.”
“Ahhh, now we’re getting somewhere.”
“What in the hell are you talking about?”
“You want to go. Any idea why?”
“Because I have to go.”
“But why?”
“Because, something is…calling me.”
“Because you have work to do.”
“Because you won’t leave me alone!”
“Because you’re running away!!!! You’re trying to avoid what you know you have to do. This is your job.”
“Maybe you still assume I care about that.”
“Maybe you still assume that it matters.”
“…Well, since you have all the answers, what do you suppose I do now?”
“Probably what I told you to do.”
“Kill them both? But I don’t even know what I’m getting into.”
“You won’t have to.”
“Whatever. We’ll see what happens.”
“Oh, I know you won’t disappoint.”
          Back at the battlefield, the angels and demons are steadily showing their malice. They are fiercely battling each other to the very death they all wish to avoid. Within the clash and cross of every blade a life could assume to be taken. After so many lives were taken, the Arch decided to deploy his heavy battle combatants, to include the gargantuan Egyptian warrior Exodius, and one of the greatest hero’s Earth ever had, a soul known only as the Imperial Guardian.
          The Duke sees the Arch call forth some of his reserve units. Without hesitation, he reacts by summoning the counter to Exodius, the shadow creature, Asmodeus. Not only that, but the strongest wielder of the dark arts that ever lived: the Blackheart.
          The Arch does not like this, but will not step down his position. The Blackheart and Imperial Guardian clatter blades, while the Egyptian giants attack each other as well. Both familiars bore stark expressions, and didn’t move an inch. The five of them merely watched as the chaos grew, and body count rose. The Arch looks around, and the scene of death is starting to get to him.

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