Friday, March 23, 2012

Unexpected Surprise

Good Ol' Facebook. Look what Tamashi Nations Japan put on their site 2nite.
There is but ONE Gold Saint that looks like that. the newest addition to the EX series. looking for pre-orders now. I WONT miss this one, cause its going fast!
Happy Hobbying, everyone.
P.S. The sites on my blog should help in finding where one of the pre-orders should be.


  1. Hey man it's Gabe, just wanted to let you know about a new OCRemix Megaman X album. If you still like VG music I think you'll enjoy this.

  2. Yeah, man. I still love VG music. Got almost a TB worth of it on my computer. All the classics plus a few more goodies. I'm downloading the torrent now. Thanks for the good find!

  3. got another find for you man. check out this guys blog it's all about megaman info and there have been quite a few figures coming out from D-arts that he usually posts about. this is a link to the Vile figure looks like something you would defiantly add to your collection.There is also a an X and Zero figure already available to buy.

    1. Funny you mention. Vile and Zero Type 2 are already preordered. The original 3 figures from the Rockman X line are in my collection now. I cant help it...I'm such a dork.

  4. Thats awesome man. I would love to get them myself but I just don't have the room for it right now really.