Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Mail Call III

Well, well. Got some goodness going on today. Finally got around to getting that "thing" I've been holding out on. Just adding to the collection is enough for me. Also, I have been wondering about this certain Hobby Shop online that I want to know about. So here we are, compliments of the good folks at Big Bad Toy Store. Hit them up at bbts.com for business. I can personally say that they are pretty good with shipping...even to a DPO.

Now, don't expect a review for these. I  don't plan on doing any reviews for Transformers. There are plenty of video reviews for these, and I'm sure Youtube could help you out with some goodness. I don't mind posting pics of them, but that's probably it. I can tell you all this, however: this masterpiece is pretty awesome, and the Wheeljack isn't bad either. God, I love Hasbro.

Happy Hobbying, everyone!

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