Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Next Review

Was thinking about the next review while going thru other blogs. First, I think I might consider this "LBX Lucifer" thing. Now, I did just a small bit of research, and what delays me from getting it is: 1) It's price. The thing is about 10 bucks, so I dont expect that putting it together will be all that satisfying. Nothing like a Master Grade Kit, or Kotobukiya Kit. 2) It's targeted toward children, more than adult collectors. it's from a kids show that is nothing more than a new age Medabots/Custom Robo. Not that I'm hating on what the kids like or anything, but I'm not one (though my collection would make one think otherwise). 3) The design does not seem to completely fit the criteria for my particular collection. It's more "juvenile" look is slightly out of range of my normal purchases.
On the other hand, my reasons for wanting to purchase are: 1) The price: at 10 bucks, where could you possibly go wrong? Besides, if I dont like it, it's not like I broke my back buying the thing. 2) The design and color scheme. Though it is a but juvenile looking, it has these marvelous looking purple transparent plastic pieces for the wings and sword. The rest has a nice white and gold arrangement, with black details scattered throughout. 3) If enough of this line is collected, the pieces can interchange, and customization unfolds. I would have ate this up as a kid, but I'm pretty much past that for now. 4) If it looks too juvenile, I can try and hide it in with the other robots I will put it with. Maybe someplace next to the Virtuaroids, or even the SRW line somewhere.
That's all for Hobbyist news. As for the next review, I think I found my victim:
Yep, my first ever figma. It took me quite sometime to breakdown and finally get this. I saw the OVA to this, and some of the gameplay from the game (which is where this particular figure is from). figma is a popular enough toyline that I have been avoiding...mostly since they did have any characters I really wanted. By the time they had something that caught my eye, it was long sold out. But now that I have this, I will make sure to stay on top of the figma line. That Tekkaaman Blade, and Samus Aran look pleasing. So does that mouth-watering Griffith.
Though I can't promise a time frame for BRS, I hope to get it done before the close of the month. Unlike the Vegeta review from the last blog, this won't be so much of a rush job, and I will make sure to point out the paintings, and joint system to better introduce what a figma is. Stay tuned.
Happy Hobbying!

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