Friday, March 16, 2012

Collection Photos Part 2

Ran out of space for the last one. Don't worry, I'm almost done, and the pain is almost over. A few more sections and the whole collection is yours for the viewing!

Next, the Robot Shelf. I don't know much about SRW (Super Robot Wars) other than it has some damn sexy machines. I never watched the OVA's, nor played the games, but I have seen plenty of Youtube vids displaying what they can do. We also have Virtual On here. let me say this: VOOT (Virtual On: Oratorio Tangram) is my most favorite game in the world...IN THE WORLD. No other game on this planet has had the hours put into it by me, maybe except for Marvel Vs Capcom 2. Next, are the Knightmare Frames. I will also say this: Code Geass is amazing...nuff said. It might be my top anime ever. I mean, it is right now, but might be the greatest story with the most unique power (and appliance of said power) I ever watched. Funny thing is, I didn't watch Code Geass until AFTER I bought my first Knightmare Frame. Go fig. Same thing with Fate Stay/Night. I bought the Two Sabers before I watched Episode 1. Lastly, is my impulse buy. at a 300 Sing price tag, I should not have bothered, but I did. you will see the colossal god machine, GGGG. Ok, so now that I bored you, here are the pics:
Assembly of SRW model Kits. They really kept me in high spirits about Kotobukiya kits. Chogokin Alteissen Nacht (Blue) next to 1/144 scale Alteissen Riese (Red). Love those Claymores!

Lancelot Legend. I bought Lancelot AND Lancelot Albion before watching the show. Need me that figma Lelouch now.

Arblade Custom taking center stage.

MAX Factory's heaviest die cast metal monster. King of Braves God Machine, Genesic Gao Gai Gar. That will take a good while to review, let me tell you.

Gawain and Shinkirou. The users of Hadron Cannons and Druid System.

Virtual On Virtuaroids behind Chogokin Weissritter (Left) and 1/144 scale Rein Weissritter
Next up, is the Transformers Shelf. Now, a LOT of this is missing, since I collected them prior to 2010, and is back at my home in the US. Now, I became a big fan of third party products, especially Fans Project and Perfect Effect. I do not collect Bayformers. The only reason some are in my collection, is because I couldn't get what I really wanted without getting them too, as a part of's package deal. Anyway, here they are:
Not a very large collection, and not much space.

That's version 1.0 Masterpiece Rodimus, so no, the guns don't fit into his hands.

the ONLY Cliffjumper I ever bought. Why, you ask? I don't like repaints, though there are some exceptions.

The lot of them. Generations, Masterpiece, Revoltech, third party, Prime, Alternity, and Binaltech.  Walks of all life. 
Next up is a special small shelf. the Sonic Shelf. "What? Sonic?" That's right. Sonic. Now, I'm not going to buy anymore. The only reason I got them was because Toy R' Us had them in front of me, and they came with something real cool.
Three Hedgehogs. All Super-like.

And what are those little spikes behind them? Yes, this pack came with the 7 Chaos Emeralds. Nice touch! The figures aren't the greatest, but I was going for effect more than quality. It made this little shelf have some purpose!
That's all for this one. The next entry will explain a lot. The last of a three part series.

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