Wednesday, March 14, 2012

*Special Chapter* - History of Divinity

History of Divinity:
          Long, have the creatures of the universe conducted outlandish probability. There was once a legion of scholars that hailed from a very advanced civilization. Soon, they traveled outward, to different planets in pursuit of knowledge. These scholars believed that above all things (i.e. strength, will, desire, etc.), intelligence could (and would) conquer all things if adequately applied. With enough knowledge, they would eventually govern existence on how they see fit. Eventually (after amendments, generations, etc.), their operation grew from three lowly scholars, to seventy-four, and had established rule over eleven galaxies. Along the way, they found the ability to never forget what they see, hear or even feel…even if it happened only once.
          Time went on, and they came to incorporate their seventy-fifth scholar, and they adopted the name “Alondite.” Within seven years within their company, however, the seventy-fifth scholar betrayed Alondite, under the fact that they refuse to adopt its ideal of “emotional balancing”.
          “Emotional Balancing” was the theory that if feelings in you were high, something must happen to eventually bring them down. The effect is not always immediate, in fact, it’s mostly when least expected. These “unfortunate circumstances” would be the answer to why things don’t always go as planned. It would be up to them as scholars to implement correct application to their peoples. The theory went along the lines of: For every life, a death. A smile, a frown. Life is based on a balancing scale. You were balanced when you were born, and you will be balanced when you die.
          By slipping a deadly tonic into the other seventy-four scholars’ drinks, it reduced their long life spans to only a few short years, claiming this was prime example of “Emotional Balancing.” It claimed that they only reaped the benefits of their exploits, and nothing else. It figured to punish them now, than to let fate punish them later, for that, would only be a worse situation. It was also believed by the seventy-fifth, that the drastic change in Alondite’s plans would only prompt them to have a drastic reaction. Though the given reason was “to see what they would do,” it was believed by the rest of Alondite that the seventy-fifth took small pleasure in the situation.
          Faced with ample knowledge, resources, yet little time, Alondite had many decisions to make. They convened that above all else, they leave their testimonies. Somehow, they must preserve all of the knowledge Alondite had ever acquired. It was the thirteenth scholar who submitted the idea of an “offspring”. It mentioned that they craft a creature to fulfill their billet of government. They would drain into it, all of the intelligence, wisdom, and lessons from the lives of the seventy-four scholars’ at the same time it would eliminate the probability of betrayal, as it would only be one creature. Alondite promptly convened.
          The process itself took years that they didn’t have. As agreed, each and every scholar poured their experiences into it. The creature was also given the ability to learn and adapt. This was submitted by the fourteenth scholar, who had a key hand in the transferring of minds. Time went on, and Alondite found that draining their lives into this creature, even further shortened their already stunted life spans. This changed their priorities once again. They calculated that completing their project would kill them. Not only that, they may be even killed without even completing it…and if they don’t complete it, the sickness would kill them anyway. It was around this time that the forty-seventh scholar found a way to separate their minds form their bodies, reducing the effects of transferring greatly. This, allowed them to continue the project, however, there was one setback. Separation of the mind was only partial, as well as experimental. Full separation, though keeping all thoughts intact, would kill all function to the body, destroying it. So, they could not drain everything, only some things. It was up to the individual scholar to choose their submissions.
          Years past, and with a dying Alondite, the creature was created. They named it “Greyel”, and in the beginning, they nurtured it on how to rule, until they believed it was time to give it true sovereignty. After Alondte left the Greyel in charge, the secluded themselves in hopes to find a possible cure, however they only succeeded in merely “thinning out” their life spans. Eventually, they were visited by a troubled Greyel. It felt that it was not ready to rule yet, and it let the 11 galaxies turn to hell. Violence and disorder consumed all that they ruled, and Greyel was lost in its efforts to consolidate it.
          In the beginning, it was the first scholar who had the idea that it would be productive to have more than one mind on any real endeavor. In turn, it was the first that mentioned that Greyel may need some help. So, the decision was made to craft a partner for Greyel. However, they all had to understand that the crafting of a second creature would only kill them. Accepting that fate, Alondite gave themselves to Greyel’s new partner.
          All went according to plan, until they found that there were less than 20 scholars left to give, and the creature was nowhere close to being finished. The decision was then to task Greyel with one mission: completes the newborn. The remainder of Alondite was finished off in service to the newborn, and it was time for Greyel to make good on its task. When it came down to it, however, Greyel could not do it…and it knew it. By its very blueprints, it has given tremendous abilities, but it could only unlock more and more of them as time went on. This was so it could better understand the “learning process”, the very backbone of Greyel’s creation. Simply put: Greyel has just not been around long enough. In desperation (coupled with the universal havoc Greyel was responsible for, giving it guilt), Greyel sought out the only one it knew could help…the only one with knowledge from the Alondite that could complete their work: the infamous seventy-fifth scholar. Greyel knew that the seventy-fifth wasn’t poisoned, so there was time on its hands to help. When Greyel asked, the seventy-fifth agreed.
          They say the seventy-fifth never had any animosity toward Alondite, but left because it knew something was wrong. With leftover documents for the newborn, the seventy-fifth sent away Greyel to try and quell the universal madness as best it can, while the seventy-fifth, as the only surviving member of Alondite, completed their work.
          By the tome the seventy-fifth was done, centuries had gone by. Working alone, it took much longer than the effort of the original seventy-four. During the centuries of production, however, Greyel succeeded in re-establishing order. So much so, that the thought of help now seemed absurd. Greyel had unlocked so much of its mind and abilities on its own, that it would be ludicrous to have any opinion other than itself. Greyel now ruled with an iron fist, and was reluctant to welcome anyone else in. Greyel was now embarrassed at the fact that it even asked for the seventy-fifth’s help in the first place. Be that as it may, the new creature was crafted, and it was named “Draygon”.
          Greyel did not want Draygon. In fact, Greyel’s guilt and embarrassment pressured it to secretly condemn the seventy-fifth behind Draygon’s back to an unknown location. Greyel then fed lies to Draygon, stating that it was made of its own flesh and blood, and that it will forever sit underneath it in rule, as opposed to ruling beside it. Draygon, being none the wiser, whole-heartedly believes its master.
          For eons, they ruled, and eventually were referenced as “divine”. Draygon followed Greyel’s every move, and with Draygon’s high aptitude for learning, it quickly caught on, on how to do things. Remedial and rather shameful tasks were constantly given to Draygon, no matter its input. Any and all of Draygon’s suggestions (sound or not), were thwarted by a whisk of Greyel’s hand.  Time went on, and Draygon suffered under Greyel’s cruel (albeit pertinent) tutelage as the lesser half of the divine rulers. What was once Draygon’s respectable older “sibling” became a dismal and easily agitated lord. Try as Draygon might to calm the wrath of Greyel, but to no help. Greyel toppled cities, civilizations, and even worlds entirely in vengeance toward those that did not please. Soon, Draygon secretly arranged for Greyel’s judgment to be lessened of the victims of circumstance, however minor they were. Once, Greyel was so content on the destruction of an entire planet for “improper use of allotted resources,” and before the blow was struck, Draygon intervened. Draygon claimed that destruction is not necessary, that they can deliver the same message without the effort of murder. Normally, Draygon interfering with anything would turn Greyel’s wrath upon it, but it was this time, that Greyel(on a whim) allowed Draygon to do what it saw fit. Greyel left this matter up to Draygon’s care, and left the scene. Soon, Greyel returned to find the matter resolved…better than what Greyel could do! It was then that Greyel realized that having Draygon as a partner (its original birth intention), instead of a subordinate, would only benefit life throughout the universe. Slowly but surely, Greyel accepted more of Draygon’s ways. They finally grew to be known as equal rulers as the centuries went on: one free, and the other firm. During this time, civilization flourished, and the divine rulers were at (what they thought) the pinnacle of existence.
          Then, it happened…the “Great Quarrel”. For eons, Greyel and Draygon butted heads on decisions to rule, but they normally found a common ground. In this matter, a key world had made a grave mistake. Greyel thought since they were so developed, responsible, resourceful, and intelligent that they should be held wholly accountable for desecrating their otherwise superb “track record”. Draygon, naturally, thought the opposite. Draygon thought that since they are so impressive, and held in such high favor, that they deserve to prove they are better than this. Draygon knew that one mistake does not mark the face of the people. Greyel was not going to back down on its view, and neither was Draygon. They argued for a while then Greyel decided that they walk in separate directions, and meet back with each other at another time to better settle the matter. Draygon agreed, like Greyel knew Draygon would, and while Draygon’s back was turned, Greyel (still being the more powerful of the two) banished Draygon to a remote section of the universe. Greyel, knowing it succeeded in silencing its opposition, began to start ruling the way it used to. Greyel’s ambition became to rid the idea, and even memory of there ever being two rulers. This process will take many, many long years, but Greyel has nothing but time now.
          Draygon was blindsided by Greyel’s betrayal. Of the two, Draygon was naturally the more emotionally-oriented ruler, making it somewhat naive. Despair and misery filled its heart, and for years it wandered aimlessly, devoid the will to do or be anything. Draygon desperately tried to piece together why this happened. No matter which way it was looked at, a wall was hit within the thoughts. Scenario after scenario was scanned…nothing. The constant emptiness and confusion turned slowly, Draygon’s heart. Misery soon subsided, and hatred began to prosper, fester, plague and eventually consume Draygon. Draygon was thrown into a dark abyss of the universe, with nothing to keep company, but grotesque thoughts. After roughly a century of wandering, Draygon stumbled upon someone claiming only to be a sage. The sage said it found this place a long, long time ago, and has not found its way out since. The two would become close friends, and spent their time devising plans of escape. The ols dage, however, soon became aware of Draygon’s hideous fuel for its resolve. Eventually, they spoke about it. The sage learned about Draygon’s origins. It learned that Draygon was once a divine ruler, that for centuries Draygon and Greyel patrolled and governed all known existence, and they had assisted in the evolution of life itself. Then, the sage was informed of the betrayal by the original lord of the stars. The old sage was shocked, as it had known of Greyel. With the release of such knowledge from Draygon’s heart, a less rugged outlook began to show. The sage also noticed the great respect Draygon had for its older sibling. So, in exchange for the information, the old sage agreed to bestow on Draygon, all the things that it had developed over the years, with hopes that Draygon would evolve, and they together might find a way back to civilization.
          Along their search for freedom, Draygon was introduced to a whole new aspect of life. Draygon showed impressive aptitude for catching on to the sage’s words, and within mere decades, Draygon could finish the sage’s sentences, develop new ideas, and even silence some older theories. This was not without the sage learning about some of the newer ways and functions of everything. It wasn’t long after Draygon and the sage learned what they could from each other that Draygon stumbled upon a way to generate light form enough friction to brighten up the abyss they were in, and light the way back to civilization. It was with this realization that the sage thought there would be one more lesson to teach Draygon. Though overcome with excitement from the discovery, Draygon managed to muster the patience to listen to its long trusted advisor. The lesson was called “Resilience, and Morality.”
          Draygon listened intently as the sage spoke of how it originally “found” the abyss they were in. the story dated back to a time even before Greyel. It mentioned seventy-five like minded students of wisdom, and their drive to enrich all peoples with the gift of information. Draygon swallowed the tale wholly, making sure not to miss a single detail. The tale went through a thoroughly planned “betrayal” by one of the members because they did not accept its ways. Draygon became very angry at the turn of events. It was at that time, the sage realized Draygon’s sincerity and decided to make its point clear…Despite the betrayal, the remaining members did what they had to do for their people. That, is what it meant to rule. To overcome opposition for the sake of those who do not know better. To do for them still, when you don’t think you can. The sage knew all too well what Draygon would most likely do with freedom and wished for Draygon to be prepared. If Draygon was to rule, it must be understood what it truly is to rule. Greyel knew and Draygon could never fully take title without Greyel’s knowledge. All this time, Draygon accepted the lesson, and led the way from the void.
          When both Draygon and the sage find themselves back from the void, they agree to part ways with the knowledge that they have given each other, with the hopes of reuniting at a later date. The sage disappeared, and Draygon (fresh with “Resilience, and Morality”) quietly survey the civilizations it used to rule. Draygon found some worlds prospered very well in its absence. Others…did not. Greyel’s lands were thoroughly searched through. Soon Draygon concluded that it was not pleased. Draygon knew deep down that Greyel’s way was not the proper way. It would take time and cunning, but Draygon opted to oppose Greyel. Greyel, however, has again been the sole divine ruler for little over eighteen centuries by now. Greyel’s will and order are well established. Any opposition…will not be tolerated. Draygon gathered what followers could be (mostly the few people that remember Draygon’s ways and ideals), and at the turn of the new century, Greyel was challenged in formal stature, proclaiming a return from nowhere, and a promise of new order. Greyel was nearly petrified at Draygon’s return however Greyel had strong followers as well…and even stronger pride. Draygon, within minutes of reuniting with Greyel, had become swallowed by rage at the memory of their past. Greyel was not the only one who had strong pride. What originally had started as a petition to re-establish combined rule, became a clash between minds. It was Draygon’s original mindset to forgive Greyel, but the both of them refused to defer to one another.
          This began the second “Great Quarrel,” and the trigger for the first universal war. Soon, news of the bickering between the two “siblings” spread like wildfire, and all of the known thirty-seven galaxies in the universe started to choose sides. Eventually, entire worlds invaded each other in the name of their respective lords. No one was safe. Followers of both Draygon and Greyel alike were being slaughtered. When matters reached epic peaks, Draygon itself chose to step in for the people’s sake. Naturally, this notion was only met by Greyel. The battles soon consisted of Draygon and followers toe-to-toe with Greyel and like forces. Armadas were crushed by the day, and the death toll was over nine figures and climbing. During a decisive battle on Greyel’s territory, a mysterious third party shrouded in a cloak appeared in an attempt to thwart the warring. It had claimed to be an ambassador of prosperity, and offered a solution through compromise. Both sides promptly disagreed, and continued to wage war. Seeing that words had no effect to the two warlords, the lone “ambassador” removed its robes and cloak to gain their attention.
          It succeeded, and both Draygon and Greyel immediately halted in awe. Both of their faces were ridden with disbelief as they gazed upon the one that helped them in the past. Greyel was the one who acted first, and broke the silence. Having immediately recognized the outsider’s true face, Greyel quickly frowned and lunged at it with killer intent. At the last possible moment, Draygon interferes, and saves the outsider. For a moment, the two “siblings” look at each other in confused tension. They stay deadlocked for a few moments, trying to piece together what’s going on. Both factions have also stopped fighting, as confusion fully settled into the entire battlefield. Greyel swiftly thwarted off Draygon to again advance at the outsider. Draygon made it in narrow time, to again, save the outsider. By this time, Greyel figured bothering with the outsider was no longer necessary. Draygon’s troublesomeness runs deeper than it realized. Greyel immediately commanded its hordes to slaughter Draygon and like cohorts. As expected, Draygon instantly follows suit and deploys a counter attack. Essentially, the battle resumed as normal. It wasn’t for hours later, in the midst of the warring, that Draygon took a chance and questioned Greyel about the stranger. Greyel refused to answer until Draygon could explain their own experience with it. Sensing a possible second betrayal from Greyel, Draygon refused. It was then, that the stranger offered to meet the both of them privately, to discuss events. In exchange, the stranger would divulge its business with them. It took much convincing, yet Greyel and Draygon finally agreed.
          The three were in conference for several hours. Greyel opened up and mentioned that it recognized the stranger from when Greyel “banished it to the “void”. Draygon was surprised to find Greyel was responsible for the banishment of its master. Draygon demanded to know why. Draygon’s master intervened, mentioning that it revolved around Draygon’s birth. Greyel stayed silent and Draygon stayed engaged. Draygon demanded to know why again, and Greyel replied that the original plan of the Alondite was that one would rule. Soon, it was amended to two, but never three. Greyel was going to make sure that after Draygon, there would be none others in line to rule, even if they are Alondite. When Draygon heard that its master was Alondite, Draygon became confused. Draygon had never heard of Alondite, and for good reason. The memory of Alondite was almost erased by the time Draygon was born. Greyel had never mentioned them, and Draygon’s master used no names.
          Greyel explained the legend of the rise and the inevitable fall. Since Greyel was the original, it retained memories from original scholars. It covered their mission, intent, experiences, accomplishments, members, etc. Draygon vaguely remembers hearing something similar once before. Greyel was mentioning all members, but especially the last one: the infamous seventy-fifth scholar. Greyel explained in great detail what happened with them, and the betrayal that ensued. It was then, that Draygon understood why Greyel recognized its master so strongly. Greyel added that this was yet another deciding factor in the banishment. The seventy-fifth strongly replied that Greyel was the one that brought it out of the shadows. The seventy-fifth knew it was better off not a part of Alondite, so it left, never to be bothered again. Greyel was the one that came to it, asking for help with Draygon. The seventy-fifth explained that Greyel was not adept as ruling, and many things began to fail because of Greyel’s inability to rule, and its indecisiveness. So, in desperation, Greyel found the exiled seventy-fifth scholar to help with the creation of its partner.
          Draygon was rendered speechless by all of this. Because of trust, betrayal, and “resolve”, they have arrived at war. The destruction of peoples, habitats, and even worlds had occurred to creatures that have ­nothing to do with the ones that caused it. Draygon’s heart and mind began to swell with anger, grief and confusion. It was at that moment that Draygon realized that it was a child of born of deceit. Its birth had brought wreckage and torment to all that they know. Draygon now had even more reason to stop Greyel. Draygon knew nothing would get in its way.
          The seventy-fifth submitted a compromise between Draygon and Greyel. In exchange for the cease of fighting, the seventy-fifth would explain how to expel the poison for the bodies of the original seventy-four, thus returning their life spans. The seventy-fifth assured the both of them that the original seventy-four still live, but time is short for them. Draygon opted to agree. Draygon was eager to meet its creators. Draygon also thought the governing should be left to them, rather than himself or Greyel. Greyel did not agree. Not in the least. It had taken some eons to establish the order that was set in, and Greyel was not going to give it up. Greyel felt it was given this responsibility for a reason, and would not go back on Aondite’s word to make it ruler. Greyel also added that they would be better off dead anyway, as all their knowledge was in Greyel already. The war was on, and Greyel gave the seventy-fifth and ultimatum of which side to choose. The seventy-fifth looked at Greyel, then back at Draygon, and told them both that it wants nothing to do with this war.
          The seventy-fifth was granted safe passage off the battlefield, and as it broke view, the battle raged. Scores of creatures killed each other, and the battle finally stopped at the death of every combatant on each side, save Greyel and Draygon. Draygon and Greyel took their war across worlds and galaxies even, to find who would rule. As the battles grew, they evolved as well. Soon, the thirst for blood soon altered their appearances. To better adapt to the rigors of the battlefield, they both grew larger than their soldiers. Appendages on their bodies were adapted for combat as they grew fangs, claws, etc. Eventually, they succeeded in turning their own bodies into the two fiercest weapons known to anyone.
          Greyel and Draygon continued to fight, and found that their “perfect weapon” bodies were not enough for the other. Along with the tails they already had by then, they had also grown extra appendages from their backs, that bended at their will. Draygon had grown a sort of “webbing” in between limbs, that when flapped hard enough, would create pockets of wind dense enough to life its enormous frame from the ground. Greyel had grown two simple “branches” of flesh, covered in a fixed pattern of feathers. Those would allow it to manipulate air around it into moving wind. Greyel would then use the currents of wind to glide itself through the air. Both sides have grown wings, and have taken their battles to the skies, while their soldiers fought on the ground. Soldiers would revel in the sight of seeing their leader in the sky. However, taking the battle to the sky still did not seem to be enough.
          During a rest session (travelling between worlds), Draygon began to think of a new way to fight. Draygon thought that there had to be a way to at least attack Greyel without necessarily being close. There must have been something it learned…Then it came. Draygon remembered back when it was banished to the void. Darkness was avoided by creating light. However, the light came from heat…loads and loads of heat. It took time, but Draygon eventually found a way to create a substance that was comprised of intense heat, that could be used with even the wind. Draygon introduced the new weapon on the battlefield soon enough and it named its lavender dancing heat “Thaydenin”. Thaydenin did great in taking on scores of the enemy, incinerating them with every blast. Draygon’s soldiers had quickly gained the upper hand with Thaydenin on their side. This came as no surprise to Greyel, who had recently finished creating a substance of its own.  This worked on the opposite principle that with enough compressed light, heat can be generated. This in turn, would penetrate any and all things in its path. This steady path could not be changed, not by wind, not by rock, nothing. Greyel’s new green “Quirenga” was the only opposition to Draygon’s Thaydenin. The balance of power was quickly evend out by Quirenga, and explosions of purple and green rained from the skies. Draygon’s free-flowing amethyst Thaydenin continued to clash with Greyel’s strict and erect emerald Quirenga. Their powers were exact reflections of their hearts: One rules freely, and invites outside elements for change. The other rules firm, not to be changed by anything other than itself.
          Unbeknownst to both Greyel and Draygon, the seventy-fifth had been on a desperate search to far corners of the universe, looking for the original seventy-four of Alondite. Searched high and low, and found nothing. The seventy-fifth knew that there was much ground left to cover, that it could not possibly do this alone. Knowing the risk of what it might bring, it goes back to find Draygon and Greyel. The rest of the known universe is so wrapped up in their war, and it needs them to help look for the dying Alondite. The seventy-fifth searched all the planets it knew were visited by war. Following the trail, it eventually found Greyel and Draygon. However they were barely recognizable. They both have grown in size tenfold at least. They look like beasts, and acted like them as well. The seventy-fifth was taken over by a sense of sorrow. It felt it was all their fault. The chain of events only started after it poisoned Alondite, all for not adopting “Emotional Balancing”. It then thought this may be why they never adopted it. The shame made it believe that it did not deserve the help from Alondite’s children. In fact, the seventy-fifth should apologize to Alondite. The seventy-fifth would leave the battlefield, but not before noticing that both Greyel and Draygon were airborne. It saw that they were flying by manipulating the empty space around them. They were doing it with those new appendages of theirs…those “wings”. With this in mind, the seventy-fifth smirked, and left the battlefield as it arrived: unannounced and unnoticed. 
          The seventy-fifth had adopted, and applied its own form of wings. This allowed it so much more ground in such a small amount of time. Eventually, it came across a star that had just begun its life. One of the large rocks orbiting this star somehow caught the seventy-fifth’s attention. It searched this planet for days until finally stumbling upon a certain arrangement of stones. They made several rings, making seventy-four “Henges”, circling a central point. In the center, the seventy-fifth found post, and on it was a small jewel. From that jewel, life had grown down the post, to the ground, and was spreading. The seventy-fifth put its hand on the small jewel, and a flash of memories swarmed its mind. Information for eons were drained into its brain, and just as it became too much for the seventy-fifth, it stopped. The experience put it in deep trance, but when it had finally come to, it knew the score. It was too late. All the Alondite fell to the poison. In their last moments, they built their graves, and consolidated their very essences. What became of them is this jewel. It contains the very lives and experiences of the original seventy-four Alondite. The knowledge was incredible! However, the seventy-fifth, still had sorrow for forgetting to apologize to them. In its solemnity, it chose to atone, and devoured the jewel. Once it disappeared in its mouth, it reappeared in the center of its forehead, flanked by tribal markings. With this new information, it was clear what had to be done. The seventy-fifth made its way once again find Greyel and Draygon. This war will end.
          Draygon and Greyel still were going at it. As usual, the two nearly deplete their forces against each other, leaving only the two of them able to carry on. They continue this pattern from planet to planet, extinguishing most of the resources along the way. During all this warring, the powers of both Quirenga and Thaydenin grew in potency…so much, that each substance became toxic to the other.
          Waves of opposing forces were being taken out by single, effortless discharges from Draygon and Greyel both. Eventually, being in too close proximity of either wielder would produce a certain pressure from “run-off”. This pressure would entomb whoever could not escape it. Both Greyel and Draygon had grown so much more powerful, but their makeup is so similar, that it is virtually impossible for one to advance faster than the other.
          During one of the wars’ seldom armistices, Greyel tirelessly contemplated a plan to finish Draygon. By now, it is impossible for forgiveness, on either side. They have destroyed the majority of the lands they ruled. There would not be enough to share. Greyel wondered what to do. Every scenario that was ran through the mind ended in a stalemate with Draygon. Just when Greyel had run out ideas, a realization was made: by its makeup, it is the only one with knowledge enough to handle this kind of thing. The only other minds that could do something like this is either Draygon itself, or the missing seventy-fifth scholar. Communications with Draygon have ceased, not that they would be positive anyway. Greyel, in haste, sends a subordinate on a covert mission to recover the whereabouts of the seventy-fifth. It was Greyel’s plan to work in favor with the seventy-fifth, and with its added knowledge, they would take down Draygon, leaving only the two of them, to rule.
          The warring showed no signs of slowing, with Greyel and Draygon tearing apart every piece of geography they stepped on. Greyel was secretly waiting for return word of the seventy-fifth, so that this could be ended. Draygon was merely concerned with stopping Greyel any way possible. Of course, as the powers of Thaydenin and Quirenga grew, so did the resolve of the quickly dwindling forces. The few loyal combatants that Greyel and Draygon had left fought like beasts, virtually exchanging victories every other time they met. Soon enough, the remaining soldiers developed their own powers and abilities to battle, with a little help from their perspective generals, at least.
          Several years later, Greyel’s subordinate returns with word that the seventy-fifth has been found, and will converse in secret with Greyel. Thoroughly satisfied, Greyel set out to meet with the seventy-fifth at a remote location, on neutral ground. Greyel and the seventy-fifth discussed ways to end the war, yet, as Greyel previously did, they came to nothing but stalemates. This is when Greyel decided to spring the idea of creating a secret alliance that would oppose Draygon. Even though the seventy-fifth did not possess the combative potency that the other two did, if its power was combined with Greyel’s, it would overcome and wipe out Draygon for good. It took much convincing, and many, many compromises, but the reluctant seventy-fifth agreed to Greyel’s plight.
          Even though the seventy-fifth had agreed, there were special conditions. First, command of at least one third of Greyel’s forces would be under the seventy-fifth. Next, as a tactical move, Greyel had to divide portions of power, and distribute them throughout the forces. This, in turn would allow (albeit with less potency) Greyel’s forces to also wield Quirenga, for use with destroying Draygon’s forces. Lastly, that proper respects are given to the loser. The both of them are the seventy-fifth’s “children” so to speak, and disrespect will not be tolerated.
          With the seventy-fifth commanding a squad, and Greyel commanding its own, they were slowly undoing Draygon’s forces. Draygon’s forces had their own personal weaponry it was no match for the opposing Quirenga remnants. Draygon was shocked at the appearance and betrayal of the seventy-fifth. Throwing Draygon off guard is what caused Draygon’s defeat the first time. Times after that, Greyel assumed was ensuing grief, along with superior battle tactics acquired from the seventy-fifth.
          With the inevitable end of the war approaching, the seventy-fifth came to Greyel one night, to discuss how they were going to crush Draygon for good in the next battle. Greyel thought that this was odd, coming from the seventy-fifth, but maybe it wanted to end the war just as bad as Greyel itself. They planned to flank Draygon and company from the front and rear. They would then pinch them into the center, where Draygon’s forces will be wiped out, while Greyel and the seventy-fifth take Draygon itself out. The two rested that night with plans of victory in the morning.
          The next day arrived, and on the battlefield Greyel stood in garb received when first named Divine ruler though, a bit modified. Greyel stood with troops gazed at Draygon. Draygon answered back, as its people gazed, and donned battle armor, in replica of the soldiers, and bore the original Alondite symbol. Greyel sports a much more confident look than ever seen on the battlefield by Draygon before.  Draygon widens its eyes in confusion, and then heard rumbling. He turned around to see soldiers on the horizon rushing their way, led by the seventy-fifth.
          Just then, Greyel deployed forces that were in front of Draygon. By the time Draygon turned around, they were already sucker punched.  They were being overwhelmed, which took from Draygon’s fighting spirit. Pain and horror started to plague Draygon’s face, to where a finger wasn’t even lifted. Greyel could not ask for anything better! Draygon was losing, was defenseless, and doesn’t care. This was Greyel’s opportunity. Greyel had charged himself with enough Quirenga to wreck an entire world, and dashed to Draygon. At the same time, the seventy-fifth and forces were narrowly approaching Draygon from behind. Greyel closed in, and when Draygon raised its head, it sported such woe, even to show the mark of a tear. Seeing this, Greyel thought of all the things that the two had gone through. With a strange act of insanity, Greyel stopped. Landing a few paces away from Draygon, Greyel raised its hand. Draygon looks on in confusion, and with a green flash of the eyes, Greyel stopped its troops. Draygon’s face was in sheer disbelief. At that time, Greyel signaled the seventy-fifth to also stop. The seventy-fifth, however did not stop. Draygon soon sported a guilty look. After Greyel commanded a cease to the attack, the seventy-fifth still drove troops forward. The seventy-fifth signaled Draygon to attack Greyel. Just then, Greyel it hit with its own feeling of shock. On the ground, the seventy-fifth’s forces came from behind Draygon’s and right through them, to Greyel’s non-fighting reserve troops. Greyel looks back at Draygon, who, with another tear in the eyes, looked away from Greyel in shame, and a flamed claw swung at Greyel…
          Greyel was not the only one to consult the help of the seventy-fifth. Draygon was steadily stalking it. When the seventy-fifth was found, Draygon beseeched its help. Draygon knew this war would continue to go on. Draygon also knew that everything would be wiped out before it and Greyel would die. The seventy-fifth said nothing when thinking up of a decision. Draygon intervened, stating a promise to get rid of Greyel, as well the seventy-fifth will never be bothered again. Never mind about saving the seventy-four. They are prepared to die. Draygon merely begged that this war be over, and was willing to do whatever it takes to stop Greyel. It was then, that the seventy-fifth agreed to give advice from behind the scenes. Though the seventy-fifth did not fight much, it worked heavily on rebuilding some of the worlds that were lost during the warring.
          Draygon and Greyel had both developed their specific powers nicely. They came out with more elaborate ways to apply Thaydenin and Quirenga to the battlefield. Their soldiers on each side also were coming up with their own abilities and powers. Draygon was just waiting for the seventy-fifth to finish up production of reviving the worlds. Yet, during one of the nights Draygon was resting, the seventy-fifth approached it, claiming that the work was done, also, there is a plan for it to partner with Greyel. This was the only way to get close to Greyel. Draygon was originally opposed to such crude tactics, yet it was reminded of the promise to get rid of Greyel, and how it would do anything to do it. Reluctantly, Draygon agreed.
          Within the next few battles, Draygon steadily was being defeated. Draygon felt it unfair, since it was forbidden to say anything to its people. They were essentially running into death, and Draygon knew. Yet, all was done in the hope to end this war. These were just the necessary sacrifices for the greater good. Eventually, the seventy-fifth approached Draygon one night, and told it of Greyel’s plan. It was then that the seventy-fifth and Draygon planned their counter attack. It would take some acting, but entirely feasible.
          Greyel saw another tear in Draygon’s other eye, as the flamed claw slashed Greyel’s chest, burning it as well. Greyel stumbled back in arduous pain, managed to straighten its head and look forward, in just enough time to be tackled down by the diving seventy-fifth. Once grounded, Greyel was soon taken by both Draygon and the seventy-fifth. With every strike, however, Draygon felt remorse, as did the seventy-fifth. Their histories go too far back. Greyel could do nothing but receive the assault by the two. Greyel was shocked and confused. It tried to command it troops to help, but Draygon and the seventy-fifth’s forces promptly stopped them. Greyel made one last effort to seek aid from its former soldiers that were under the seventy-fifth’s command. They, however, were only loyal to the seventy-fifth now, and resisted Greyel’s influence. All of this, only made Greyel think one thing: that everyone must die!
          Greyel managed to ward off the seventy-fifth to allow enough time to work its way out of Draygon’s grasp. Greyel stood up, battered, but ready to fight. Greyel’s first order of business was to order away its men. Draygon and the seventy-fifth followed suit. With only the three of them at the front lines, the battle raged, with Draygon and the seventy-fifth just narrowly overcoming Greyel. Greyel did not mind however, for it was no slouch. Although it drained a portion of its power into its troops, it was not without the ability to take the Quirenga back, which is precisely what happened. With the added Quirenga, most of Greyel’s wounds healed, and its power grew tenfold. This was much more than enough to handle both the seventy-fifth and Draygon, which is what Greyel started to do.
          Greyel was laying waste to both Draygon and the seventy-fifth. Those soldiers still faithful to Greyel began to cheer. This made the other troops under Draygon cheer for their leader as well. The seventy-fifth’s soldiers stayed very quiet. Draygon looked at the seventy-fifth to see it tattered. Draygon’s armor was starting to wear down as well. Draygon then thought it was time. After signaling the seventy-fifth to stand back, it swelled its body with enough Thaydenin to undo the bonds that held the armor on its body. The principle behind fire is that it needs space to grow. Fires are put out by suffocation. The armor was a sort of suppressant for Draygon’s real power with the Thaydenin. Releasing the armor allowed Draygon to release dormant power, which Draygon had planned from the start. This added power would finally put Draygon on par with Greyel, or so Draygon thought. On the contrary, Greyel’s Quirenga proved to be stronger than Draygon’s Thaydenin at almost every turn. To the untrained eye, the two of them seem to be on equal status, but it was not so, and the seventy-fifth knew it. The seventy-fifth watched as they pummeled each other, how they were tearing each other apart, and how Draygon was destined to fail. The guilt grew within the seventy-fifth for being the cause of all this, and now Draygon, who was like a son to the seventy-fifth, was going to die in front of its very eyes. It figured the only way to make things right…the only way to atone for the millennia of mistakes, is to mitigate this by its own hand, or die trying. In that instant, the seventy-fifth was no longer concerned with a partnership with Draygon against Greyel, it just wanted to see this end.
          Taking to the skies, the seventy-fifth jumped in between Draygon and Greyel and battled with them both. As surprising as this was, both Draygon and Greyel battled back, and the three of them continued on with the drastic battle. From behind the lines, the remaining troops reigning from many different worlds began to speak to themselves about the battle. All sides were cheering for their respective masters. They all came to call this the battle of the skies, between the Three Divine Kings: the Wyvern, the Gryphon, and the Garuda. They battled for days straight, without ever touching the ground, earning the titles of Divine Kings of the Skies. Nothing but flashes of Thaydenin, Quirenga and (the Alondite developed, now weaponized) Aether rained down, and the three had changed the weather patterns to dark, cloudy with lightning simply by attacking each other.
          In the air, the seventy-fifth is slowly but surely being weeded out of the power struggle, like it thought it would. It also noticed that both Greyel and Draygon were taking it easy on it, as opposed to how they fought each other. The seventy-fifth wasn’t too sure why, but it knew it didn’t care, and still pressed on. Then, it looked at Draygon, who was starting to fatigue, and thought of something to help them both.  Slowly approaching Draygon, they staged a fight, while the seventy-fifth secretly told Draygon of its plan to end this. Draygon understands, and let’s Greyel step in, like Draygon knew Greyel would. Draygon fought Greyel for a short while, until the seventy-fifth returned. At that time, Draygon took its time charging the Thaydenin. The seventy-fifth did as best it could to hold off Greyel, until it saw that Draygon was finally fully prepared. The seventy-fifth gathered the last of its strength to grab hold of Greyel, and hurl it into Draygon’s direction, who delivered the final blow. Greyel fell into an unsuspecting swarm of Draygon’s most intense Thaydenin. Being that Greyel’s outer skin was primarily fur and feathers, Greyel burned easily. Greyel twisted and turned and wiggled to free itself of the flames as best it can but Draygon was relentless in its efforts, as it continued to burn Greyel for several minutes after the initial burst. All the while, the seventy-fifth sat and watched, and began to shed its own tears at the sight of the fall of the last thing Alondite left behind. The seventy-fifth turned around, as to not look as Draygon put on the finishing touches to Greyel, finalizing the victory.
          When everything was said and done, the remaining soldiers of all three factions bowed in servitude to Draygon. The seventy-fifth, claiming never to have, or wanting to have Draygon’s billet, also nodded its head in servitude to Draygon. Draygon was officially the Divine ruler, with no equal. As Draygon’s first act of duty, in accordance with the seventy-fifth, Draygon ordered the proper burial of the Divine Gryphon, Greyel. After the burial, the seventy-fifth requested rest. It requested that it sleep in the ground, with the remnants of the original Alondite, back on the planet where it found the crystal. In exchange, it would teach Draygon how to create a crystal of its own, that it would be one of its greater assets. The terms were accepted, and as soon as a crystal appeared on Draygon’s head, the seventy-fifth was gone, as agreed.
          Sine then, the remaining troops became united under Draygon, the Divine Wyvern. Draygon tasked them with the repopulation of the worlds they lost, and they shall rule these worlds as direct contacts to the Divine. This in turn, would disband them as soldiers, as there was no more fighting to be done. The people called this dismemberment “Knight”. It was also the word they used for “victor” in the past war. Draygon soon became well-known as Draygon Knight: the Divine Wyvern.
          Draygon Knight established its base of operations atop Greyel’s grave, so that it may never forget where and what it came from. Also, to never forget the name of its sibling, it names the jewel on its forehead “Greyel” and immediately poured its emotions and feelings into it. The Greyel served as a storage device, but it also became representation of unity between the body, mind and soul.  Draygon Knight became so fascinated by the true meaning of the Greyel (as well as appreciative of the seventy-fifth for it), that it temporarily called its former warriors, in a meeting to implant the basic materials needed to produce their own Greyel. Now, it was common knowledge to their worlds, the story of the Divine War, and the Three Divine Kings (albeit omitting certain details), so as not to scare the general public (as well as keep the application accepting), Draygon Knight instructed its lords to encourage the production of such Greyels on their peoples. They would develop their own, and pass on to their people the materials and how to do the same.
          Naturally, people caught on to this at different times, and at their own levels. For some it only took years, for others, it took centuries to harness the Greyel. However, once harnessed, one could perform remarkable feats dedicated to a craft, whether the craft be farming, building, art, etc. For as long as one can hold the bond, they would have a Greyel. The Greyel also provided unheard of abilities in information transfer. Those who did not produce the Greyel were responsible growth of many worlds and civilizations. Inevitably, Draygon Knight provided a way for people to communicate with each other from world to world, as a gift for proper application of Greyels. In the beginning, people had shaky first time encounters, but through some Divine intervention, they began to help each other. They constantly began exchanging information that allowed their civilizations to advance even faster. However, with all the positive advancements, they also had negative ones, as they always found themselves at war somewhere. Draygon Knight figured that the wars would only balance out the production of their vastly growing economies. Draygon Knight was a direct student of the seventy-fifth, and as such, it followed the ideal of “Emotional Balancing”. The wars clashing with productivity was a prime example of it.
          Soon, people came to the peak of their civilizations, if they haven’t died out by war. These people were born of the blood of soldiers that fought in the greatest war known, so it is only natural they grow to inevitably war themselves. However, even though some fighting had calmed down, so did productivity. Everyone learned from each other, everything there is to know. The people started to question what was happening. Why is nothing going on? Soon, the many questions prompted Draygon Knight to create new things as answers, and distribute them assorted throughout the lands. People would take them, learn what they can from it, share it (and more than likely fight over it), and then apply it to life. This is how Draygon Knight perceived it, on how to rule the universe.

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