Friday, March 16, 2012

Collection Photos Part 3 - The Final

This part of the collection is by far the shiniest, prettiest, and the one that people stare at the most when they walk in. But before I get into that, I have to give credit where credit is due. This, is a big shout-out to beamknight87. If you haven't visited his blog, and are a hobbyist, I suggest you do so. He is really the reason I bumped up my collection. I originally started off just collecting Transformers, and then some other cool things. While in Singapore, I started getting curious of Saint Seiya figures. When I was doing some research about how to find which figures were coming out next, Google directed me to his blog. When I saw his collection, I was hella impressed. I pretty much wanted to emulate his work as kind of a homage, you know? He had Gunpla and other figures too, so I was a big fan right off the bat.

But enough about that. The final section of the collection guessed it: Saint Seiya. Now, Saint Seiya is not on a shelf, but on SHELVES. If you have a collection of them, you would know why. There are lots of them, and they all take up their own amount of space. Let me have a disclaimer: I'm not really what you would call a Saint Seiya fan. Not really. To be honest, I only like the figures. The more research I did on Saint Seiya, the more I realized I don't have the patience to go through it all. Besides, Other than Japan, Saint Seiya is heavy on the Latin community. Most Saint Seiya vids I find are in Spanish, and the battles have WAY too much talking in between. I hardly ever see a real fist to fist blow, and so far the rules for the fight are this: 1) Whomever has the best technique wins. 2) You explain your technique when using it, and if your opponents technique did not have an effect, you must explain that as well. 3) When battling Seiya, make sure to cripple him and break his cloth. this way he can get Athena to help him out from like a lightyear away so he can crush you with his "Omega-Mega-God-Fire Pegasus Ryu Sei Ken". 4) And most importantly, the villain MUST, I repeat MUST close their eyes and have some kind of monologue. The hero(es) must then sit there and listen, until the eventual "Baka na" is thrown out. Nothing in Saint Seiya is impossible, but EVERYONE seems to love saying "Baka na" as if they cant believe the Bronze Saints that have a track record of like 100 and 1 can withstand the might of their technique that is bound to drop them on their heads.

But enough of all that.Onto ere is my Saint Seiya collection. Originally, I just wanted to collect a few Saint Seiya. Just the ones with wings. Then, it was all the Gold Saints. Then the Mariners. Then the Specters, and then the Silver Saints. Now, we have the Crown, and EX lines as well. In fact, the only arc I haven't dove into really is the Asgard Arc. I only bought Odin Seiya, because I like the armor, and its one of the special figures with a weapon. Americans don't know much about Saint Seiya. In fact, people think that the Collection is Ronin Warriors. I cant blame them. But Saint Seiya follows the Armor Plus formula, and this is why I love the figures. I don't think i will do much (if any) reviews on them, since I pretty much agree with what Beanknight has to say about it. He has all of the figures I have, except for two, I think. If I get a request to do one, maybe so. Anyways, onto the pics:
It May be Saga's seat, but I think a God fits the bill for the occasion.

The God Cloths. Two extra bodies behind Seiya. I really wish I had a bigger area to showcase them.

Kagaho, Deathmask, Shura, Minos, and Hypnos

The extra (Evil) Saga body, extra Kanon body with Misty hair, Shiryu, Hyoga, Sion, Aiacos, Camus, Thanatos

Valentine, Aphrodite, Rhadamanthys, Thanatos

Dohko, Kaza, Io, Camus, Aiolia, Aphrodite, Baian

The's too much!

Gemini Brothers Kanon and Saga Stand inf Front of the God of the Sea, Poseidon on his throne. He is flanked by Io and Krishna.

Krishna, Aldebaran, Sorrento, Isaac, Kanon

Krishna, Aldebaran, Sorrento, Isaac, Aiolos, Milo, and Shaka's head.

Dohko, Io, Kaza, Camus, Aiolia, Saga, Baian, Aphrodite. Mu

Mu, Orpheus, and Shaka take the lead.

Gold Saint (mostly) Shelf

You might have sent his pic before. EX Series Gemini Saga, Aries Mu, and Leo Aiolia. Don't forget the mega sized Crown figure, Sagittarius Seiya, with his towering wings. 

That pretty much does it for the collection as it stands now. New additions are always on the way. Hope you enjoyed my rants and my collection. Happy Hobbying, everyone!


  1. Nice collection there, although it certainly looks crowded.

    In case you still don't have them I would suggest you to acquire the 5 V3 Bronze Saints. Despite their age they are one of the most solid lineups of the collection and in my opinion, the best reproduction of the protagonists.
    As for the Asgard line, in case you don't want them all I suggest you to get Alpha Siegfried, Phecda Thor and Megrez Alberich, they are the best releases of the Asgard line.

    I would also suggest you to do more in-depth review if possible of the Crown figure. Due to its price is something I wouldn't be able to afford, at least not easily and I'm always eager to see detailed pics of other people who have it.

    Also, since you may not have the energy to read or watch Saint Seiya I would recommend you B't X, another great series by Kurumada centered about robots. It's really good. There are also some toys of that series made by Takara. They are fairly old (from the 90's) and hard to acquire, but despite their age they are really good. I managed to acquire 2. By mid-April you will see what I'm talking about when I do a proper post about them.

  2. Hey Beamknight. First, thanks for the love by adding a comment.
    Yeah, I don't have much room for the Myth Cloth section of the collection. I had to make a decision of whether to put them in the smaller shelves, or where my Revoltechs and such go. since the latter had more effect pieces, and come with all their own stands, I had no choice but to put the more dynamic ones in plain view. If anything, it would be for the people that walk in and see.
    I have definitely taken your idea to heart, to do an in depth review about Sagittarius Crown figure. The project will no doubt take some time to complete. Just capturing the detailing on the armors alone is at least 200 pics I know I would have to sift through, but I am excited about taking on the endeavor.
    I have seen the 5 V3 Saints being advertised several times throughout hobby shops. In fact, Hobby Link Japan was selling them for about 60% off as a bundle at one time. The thing is, I am a fan of the figures, and not really Saint Seiya. The armor is beautifully designed, and the figures are great representations of characters i don't really know, and I'm fine with it. I have no real desire to collect the protagonists, save for their beautifully rendered God Cloths. As for the Asgard lineup, they are pretty scarce now, and would have to cut deep into the bank to get them. on top of that, I find the "robes" ugly. I'm sure they are great figures, but Odin Seiya was the only one with the symmetry and style attractive enough to catch my eye. I don't really care much for Seiya himself, but that armor was wonderful for me, as is the Balmung Sword.
    I will heavily consider Bt'X. I love Kuramada for his designs, so it would be nice to see his take on robots. If it catches my eye well enough, I could dive into its figures as well. Also, I'm trying to calm down on my figure spending. I seem to be so excited about what comes out next that I pre-order without thinking much into it. This is eventually going to catch up to me, especially since I don't need to get acquire every little 5 inch plastic figure that catches my eye...or do I?